Uncover seven big fake health foods around you

Uncover seven big fake health foods around you

Uncovering 7 big fake health food protein sticks can be a snack.

Muffins A muffin contains more than 400 calories and a small amount of 15 grams, while most of the transfer sugar and refined flour.

It is best to use whole-wheat muffins made from bran, which is low in calories and low in calories.


Protein stick protein bars seem to be a very healthy snack substitute, in fact they contain twice the mascot and protein of a brownie chocolate.


Dried fruit 1/2 cup of dried fruit contains more than 100 calories.

Experts recommend eating fresh or frozen fruit rather than dried fruit.

Fruits can be microscopic, but transitions are low and more prone to satiety.


Artificial oils Artificial oils are rich in excessive trans fatty acids, which increase low-density lipoproteins in the body and lower high-density lipoproteins.

It will increase your risk of heart disease and try to choose raw milk instead.


Skim salad dressing If your blood pressure is high, it is best to stay away from salad dressing.

The high-salt and high-glucose metabolism of the heart creates a certain burden. On the contrary, the balsamic vinegar is mixed, and the lemon juice and sweetener are cast more healthily.


Peanut butter peanut butter is full of feces and sugar, while low-fat peanut butter contains at least 50% calcium carbonate.


Sushi doesn’t think that small sushi is excluded, and a simple sushi roll contains more than 500 calories.

Try to avoid choosing tempura, cream cheese, crushed cheese or spicy Mayo sauce.


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