Want to lose weight must change 7 bad habits

Want to lose weight must change 7 bad habits

If you have these habits, you can’t lose weight and you can’t lose weight.

Hurry and change it, otherwise I would like to get rid of the big hat of the fat man.


Love fried food fried chicken, French fries, or salted chicken, tempura in Japanese cuisine, etc., all wrapped in a thick layer of fried batter, which adds a lot of taste, but absorbs too muchgrease.

I accidentally ate the amount of oil needed for the day.


There are many foods outside, and there is no fixed amount. It is recommended to set aside meals at a different diet. Because it is a good serving, such as: squid rice, pork ribs rice, is a main course plus some vegetables or side dishes, eggs, rice, soup.The fixed amount can restrain the food intake.


The salad dressing used in the salad salad with lettuce salad is made from salad oil and egg. The oil and fat contained in Dublin are higher than the vegetables you use in oil.

Therefore, people who use lettuce salad to lose weight are more careful to reduce fat.


Eat foods that are heavy in seasonings and try to eat lighter foods, because adding too much spiced food is more likely to stimulate appetite, and I have eaten several bowls of rice without even knowing it.


Love to drink canned sugar-smelling beverages, aluminum-packed beverages are best to drink less, even juice or oolong tea, coffee, even sports drinks, etc., also add supplemental sugar.

The safest and healthiest way is to drink mineral water or boiled water.

And drinking more water can also help adults burn!


Eat one full meal at a time and eat only eight minutes full, remind yourself that “enough, you will have to eat fruit later”, not only can replace the burden of the stomach, and the shortened belly will shrink in less than a few weeks.

Using small cutlery can be an effective way to reduce your food intake.


Love to eat high-energy food is actually more straightforward. It is not to eat late at night, because at night, the parasympathetic activity of the human body changes into creeping slowness, accelerating the synthesis of adults, that is, the food eaten before going to bed at night.Almost all will be converted into hoarding in the body.

The best way is to cancel eating before 3 hours before bedtime.

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