Poor liver, body 3 performance is a portrayal, master 3 ways, liver protection

Poor liver, body 3 performance is a portrayal, master 3 ways, liver protection

The modern rhythm of life is actually a kind of “experience” for the body. This is also the reason why many people have health problems and people are increasingly pursuing health.

However, many health care is still too Buddhist, so that while doing things that are harmful to the body, they are “repairing the sheep”. As everyone knows, this is only a “compensation” effect.

Like the liver problem, many people are suffering from the liver in the day and night, and in the case of “the liver is not good, the face is prophet”, while applying the mask at night, they think that it will not cause harm to the liver.

Qi Qi said that the fifth season is getting hotter and hotter. Some of the debates and debates are about staying up late. What makes my most sound engineer profound is to take things that make you happy in the morning and night, and get together with happiness and health.What about music?

It is conceivable that staying up late to be a night is a universally known truth.

So, stay up late to hurt the liver?

There are three kinds of manifestations on the body, which is a sign of liver problems!

Performance one, a bite, why stinks in the stench?

Is it eating stinky tofu?


Actually not, but because of the liver.

The liver plays the “detoxification” in the body. Once the liver is damaged, the detoxification and detoxification ability is reduced, resulting in a strong toxin in the body. Once it exceeds the body’s tolerable dose, it will pass a variety of “detoxification”. The most common stool is bad breath and body odor.
Especially in the early morning, the liver after a whole night of self-cultivation and detoxification and detoxification, and in the case of liver problems, it is easy to appear liver qi stagnation, biliary ups, liver fire, etc., light dry mouthThe heavy one is a bite, stinking.

Many people say that if it is not after brushing, is it caused by the liver?

Actually not, this is a normal phenomenon.

What is not normal is that whether it is brushing or gargle, it can’t cover its stench.

Therefore, in this case, pay more attention.

Performance 2: Touch nails, bumps and bumps When you see here, you can observe your own hands and compare them.

If the nail color is pink and transparent, the surface is smooth, and the liver is bloody.

On the other hand, if the following situation occurs, it is necessary to pay more attention to it. It is not a manicure to cover up the liver.

The nails are fragile and fragile.

The nails are white and bloodless.

A horizontal line appears on the surface of the nail, either horizontally or vertically.

These three manifestations are liver dysfunction, liver blood deficiency, the liver can not nourish the fingers, the so-called “hepatic main tendons.”

In addition, if the nail is yellowed, it is not just a problem of liver blood deficiency, which is a serious manifestation of liver injury.

Performance 3, look in the mirror, eyes are different When you look in the mirror and find that your eyes are different, you should not take it lightly.

If you use your eyes for a long time, you may have dry eyes, fatigue, etc., which is actually a sign of liver damage.

In addition, the eyes are covered with bloodshot eyes, and when the whole eye is red and the liver is burning, the liver fire is reversed, causing inflammation of the eyes.

Eyes love tears, itching, fear of dysfunction of light and liver, lack of liver gas, lack of liver yin, eyes can not get nutrients.

Scleral yellow liver damage, excessive secretion of bile, bilirubin and other decomposition of blood, through the blood circulation, resulting in yellowing of the sclera, and even yellowing of the body.

How to save the day and night?

Mastering 3 methods, liver protection and liver treatment method 1: Eat more a day, eat more green food “liver green” is certified by Chinese medicine. According to the theory of five elements, five colors correspond to five internal organs, of which green corresponds to liver.

Then, in order to please the liver, you should eat more green food, some broccoli, spinach, green orange, lime and so on.

Eat more can clear the liver gas, strengthen the liver detoxification and detoxification ability, eliminate fatigue, promote liver metabolism, and thus help the liver and protect the liver.

2, eat more dairy products, why adults will give children a lot of dairy products, because it is nutritious, it is.

From the doctor’s point of view, dairy products leave a large amount of protein, which can meet the needs of the liver to run raw materials, effectively activate liver cells and strengthen liver function.

In addition, drinking more dairy products can also effectively promote gastrointestinal function, promote excretion, and reduce the burden of liver detoxification and detoxification.

3, more vitamin A supplements We know that different vitamins have different effects on the liver. For the problems caused by the above liver, it is better to use vitamin A.Vitamin A can effectively regulate liver problems and prevent liver cell damage.

In addition to the vitamin A tablets recommended by doctors, you should also eat more vitamin A foods, such as carrots, in your life.

Method 2: Drink enough 2 every day.

5 liters of water “eyes are sore, long acne, old fart, snoring ~~~~” “Drinking more water” Is this dialogue like your conversation?

Many people say that no matter what you say, boys will always go to “drinking water”. This is no emotional intelligence, no fun performance.

In fact, it is not obvious that drinking water has been a way of health since ancient times.

In the morning, a cup of boiled water, a lot of people who rushed to the liver and rushed to get up early, did not have time to eat, how can I still have time to drink a glass of water?

Drinking a cup of water can’t take you for 5 minutes, but it can avoid serious water shortage, wake up function, relieve constipation, and promote liver detoxification and detoxification.

However, drinking water early is still very particular. For example, the water temperature is controlled at 30?
Between 40 degrees, the speed of drinking water is slow to wait.

Therefore, a cup of water in the morning can also be used to administer liver poison, which is beneficial to the liver and harmless.

In the afternoon, a cup of liver tea, noodles to regulate liver function and liver, including fresh fruits, vegetables, etc., but today introduced to you is a drink.

We all know that drinking more water is a “clean” presence for the liver, which can greatly increase the number of urination and urine output, and promote the body to automatically excrete harmful substances, toxins, etc., to avoid liver fatigue.

Then, drink plenty of water, drink dandelion tea, it has the functions of nourishing liver and detoxification, promoting metabolism, repairing liver cells and so on.

These effects and the nutrients contained in the dandelion tea are mainly six kinds, namely dandelion, pueraria, bitter, roselle, chicory, and Rhizoma Imperatae.

All of them are homologous flowers and plants of medicine and food, which have high safety and no reverse in long-term continuous.

Method 3: Sleeping on time for 24 hours a day, sleeping will take up 1/3, it can be seen that sleeping is a big event in life.

However, now day and night become more and more common, and it is not 24 hours to feel that day and night.

However, the damage of day and night is there. For the liver, it is deprived of liver repair time.

We all know that “the person is lying on the liver,” and the person lying in the liver can work normally.

Therefore, to ensure adequate sleep time, some eight hours and so on.

It can promote the amount of blood flowing to the liver, improve liver detoxification and detoxification ability, strengthen liver function, stimulate liver cells, and consolidate liver self-defense ability.

In addition to satisfying 8 hours of sleep time, it is necessary to go to bed early and get up early to have the effect of sleeping and nourishing the liver.

In addition, a nap is also necessary.

After a morning job, the human body is in a state of fatigue, and the nap is gradually getting better and recharged.

In addition, the liver can also be buffered to avoid excessive fatigue.

However, the nap is not long, the experts pointed out that the nap time is controlled at 10?
30 minutes, the best!

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