【Immune infertility】

【Immune infertility】

Immune infertility is a disease of male infertility. This disease can prevent sperm activity and even lead to sperm death. It can also lead to the development of effects that lead to male infertility. The etiology of this disease is very complicatedYou need to go through a professional examination before you can find it, so if you haven’t been pregnant continuously after getting married, it is best for men to check it.

Immune infertility also has many things to pay attention to in daily life, including reasonable diet, developing good living habits, and avoiding various pathogenic bacterial infections, especially during menstruation. Be sure not to share the same room. These can beEffectively prevent the occurrence of immune infertility. The following will introduce the causes of immune infertility. I hope it can help you and make male friends better understand themselves.

The first cause of the disease is the antigens and antibodies in semen.

After the human semen is liquefied and separated at room temperature, it can be divided into two parts: clarified seminal plasma and precipitated sperm. This part contains a variety of proteins. The structure of this protein can be changed into antigens.More than 30 types, some of which are inherent antigens of sperm, can stimulate the body to produce antibodies, which affects the development and maturity of sperm and forms infertility.

The second is the autoimmunity of sperm.

Autoimmune refers to the body’s immune response to self-tissues or self-tissues with changed antigenicity, that is, the body can form autoantibodies or sensitized lymphocytes to self-antigens.

Although self-tissues such as serum and sperm have a large amount of antigens, they generally do not produce an immune response because of their low titers, but their self-tolerance is damaged or their autoantigenicity is changed, or immune cells are mutated to make immunityThe system generates an immune response to the autoantigen, which causes an autoimmune response, resulting in damage to the cells of the autologous tissue.

Third, studies of the reproductive immune system confirm the existence of a thrombus barrier between blood and plasma pellets.

After the biological, chemical, and physical factors of the blocked thrombus barrier are destroyed, the sperm antigen will leak out, and the monocyte phagocytic cells will enter the insulin pill or attach. After the sperm are swallowed, the antigen of the sperm is digested and the antigen information is passed toLymphocytes produce a humoral or cellular immune response, causing damage to the kidney pills, epididymis, and vas deferens, causing autoimmune retinitis and infertility.

Symptoms 1, reproductive system disease: The patient may have had a reproductive system disease before, but was not treated effectively, which led to the immune system mistakenly replacing the male sperm with an antigen, and further produced an autoimmune response in the body.

2. Allergic reactions: After having sex, men or women may feel a little uncomfortable, which may cause allergic reactions due to immune factors. If severe, it may lead to syncope.

3, low libido: Because of immune problems, men’s testicles will be damaged.

Therefore, men will have low sexual desire, and even sexual aversion.

We all know the content of immune infertility, the incidence of this disease is not very high, but if couples who have not been pregnant for a long time still need to undergo a comprehensive examination, male friends develop good habits and habits in ordinary life.Hygiene habits and proper exercise can effectively prevent the occurrence of immune infertility.

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