Want to be slim?

Put an end to 4 bad habits

Want to be slim?
Put an end to 4 bad habits

In order to adapt to the fast-paced life, the white-collar workers in the office didn’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning, and the lunch was a hassle. In the evening, they worked overtime to pick up the lights and night battles. The people were dieting and losing weight to make small “waist fines”; men drinking and smoking, eating and drinking.Many people have bad habits in life.

In fact, these bad habits can supplement some nutrients according to their own characteristics, and often can repair some of the health consequences of bad habits.

  Bad habits, fast food life think about it, you are always difficult to reverse on time.

Let us recall your life: no time in the morning or no time to eat breakfast; because of busy work, often at noon, fast food, fast eating, rarely eat fruits and vegetables, prefer irritating food, rarely eat coarse grains, easy to suffer from oral cavityulcer.

If this is the case, then you are the “fast” family.

  Fast pace is the beat of your work life, but please look at it, do you ignore taking care of yourself?

Do you often feel tired, memory is not as good as before, easy to catch a cold, get a mouth ulcer. You are already suffering from “fast food syndrome.”

These symptoms are most likely to be a comprehensive achievement of uneven nutrient absorption.

  Quick repair: a comprehensive and balanced natural nutrient nutrition expert pointed out that the human body needs a comprehensive and balanced variety of nutrients to ensure the healthy operation of the body.

Health is multi-faceted. Different nutrition guarantees our different aspects of health. Protein provides power for our body. Vitamins and trace elements can effectively help us improve immunity and prevent certain diseases. Vitamin B and vitamin C can promoteEnergy metabolism, providing plenty of energy.

Numerous antioxidant nutrients can scavenge free radicals and prevent a variety of chronic diseases.

  Bad habits 2, dieting to lose weight In order to maintain a charming figure, are you avoiding avoiding grease, meat, and sometimes even fasting?

Or take a weight loss medication?

Although the weight is reduced, the body is getting lighter, but the spirit is not good at the same time, often tired and tired, listless, how can the panda eye not be wiped off, every three to five small illnesses from time to time, so that you can not answer.

  The “culprit” of all this is still a lot of nutrients that you have lost, especially the lack of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K.

In the long run, the body’s immunity will decline and affect health.

  Quick fix: The corresponding vitamins and the stylish crush with the proper fat, you have to know that the beauty of health is really beautiful.

Therefore, before you lose weight, you should prepare adequate nutrition for yourself, protect your body’s nutritional needs, try to achieve healthy weight loss, scientific weight loss, and nutrition to lose weight. This is the most beautiful.

  Bad habits three, night life rich white-collar workers work and life pressure is too great, many people may occasionally notice the relaxation of wine.

Clubbing, being a “party animal” is not your weekly “compulsory course”. I don’t know that such a rich nightlife, even infrequent drunkenness, can lead to the consumption of vitamins and trace elements in the body.

Moreover, if you drink regularly, the level of harmful amino acids that may lead to a risk of high blood pressure will increase.

  Quick repair: Vitamin B, trace elements, mineral B vitamins can effectively reduce the level of harmful homocysteine.

Trace elements, mineral supplements help to regulate the body’s acid-base balance.

In addition, you should also add enough antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C, to wine.

  Bad habits four, prefer meat to join white-collar natural good meat, anorexia vegetables.

However, such eating habits may cause you to lack a variety of nutrients: vitamins, if you do not eat green leafy vegetables, may lead to a lack of vitamin A, vitamin K; cause fiber, while women preferably absorb 25 grams of fiber per day;Thousands of plant nutrients that fight various diseases.

These substances are gradually missing because you don’t love vegetables.

  Quick fix: Multivitamin supplements are a choice to ensure that you have vitamins A, B6, B12 and more.

Also, if you like to eat certain fruits and vegetables, then don’t hesitate, please eat more.

If you don’t like vegetables, okay, eat some fiber supplements!

Remember: In any case, there is no reason to hate vegetables and fruits, try to eat more!

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