[What kind of fish soup is delicious]

[What kind of fish soup is delicious]

There are many ways to fish, but different fish should replace different methods to make it more delicious. Some fish are suitable for cooking, and some fish are suitable for frying.

Only by choosing the right way can the fish show its best side.

Some fish are used to make soup and drink, and they are also very nutritious. A delicious series is able to choose the right fish species.

Let ‘s take a look at what fish soup is best to drink?

The nutrition of fish is very rich, and the therapeutic effect of fish cannot be underestimated, and the health care functions of different types of fish are not the same, so it often becomes the main ingredient of many beautiful soups.

Butterfish is the best fish for soup.

Anchovies and catfish are freshwater fish, with tender meat, fine quality, high nutritional value, and high soup yield. They are especially suitable for patients, the elderly and mothers.

How to make fish soup: 1. Wash the fish, cut into 4 to 5 pieces, simmer with boiling water and any vinegar for a while, remove and wash with water.

2. Peel and wash the shallots and cut into shreds.

3. Wash the celery, and cut into shreds.

4. Peel and seed the pickled cucumbers and cut into oblique pieces.

5. Tricholoma slices.

6. Put the flour in the soup pot and heat it on the built-in fire. Then put the shallots, celery, pepper grains, and fry until it is ripe.

7, add ketchup, stir fry a few times, reduce heat.

8. When the red oil comes out, add the fish clear soup and fish fillets, and at the same time add the sweet beans, green fruit, mushroom slices, pickles, and soup boiling.

9, add refined salt, sugar, MSG, adjust the taste.

10. For soup, dip the fennel in the peach and put it on the soup.

Fish soup health tips 1, catfish, also known as mandarin fish, is a precious food fish upstream.

2. It is widely distributed in all rivers and lakes across the country.

3, Chinese medicine believes that the carp is sweet and flat, and enters the spleen and stomach.

4, with qi and blood, spleen and stomach, killing tapeworms and other effects.

5, Jiu Shi is exciting and powerful.

6, catfish meat is white, tender, delicious without small spines.

7. It is rich in nutrients and contains higher protein than catfish. The content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium is also higher than that of normal starch. It is a tonic food and a springtime dish.

8. This soup is deep red, sour and salty, and has a strong aroma.

9, suitable for fatigue, thin body, qi deficiency and fatigue.

Carassius auratus contains comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can strengthen the elastic fiber composition of the skin.

Especially for the early wrinkles caused by stress, lack of sleep and other mental factors, there are strange relief effects.

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