With red dates, simmering medicinal liquor, can you really maintain your health?

World Health Organization answers

With red dates, simmering medicinal liquor, can you really maintain your health?

World Health Organization answers

In life, some people do not want to stop drinking, but also want to make the body healthier, often take a way – drink medicinal liquor.

In the past, medicinal liquors often used a variety of whip, poison, and wild animals to soak, and through the improvement of the science and nutrition of nutritionists, we know that the effects of various kinds of whip can not be supplemented with kidneys.May still be poisonous.

Using wild animals to make wine is not considered a legitimate citizen.

So now, we are seeing more fruits and herbs, such as bayberry, hawthorn, pomegranate, medlar, ginseng and saffron.

So can you use them to make wine?

The dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class and everyone said: Fruit wine made from fruits such as bayberry and pomegranate, many middle-aged and old people like it, and many young people also have this mouth, because the sugar in the fruit dissolves into the wine, there will be oneSweet taste.

But everyone needs to know that when these fruits are soaked in wine, they will not produce any new nutrients, and the two will not promote each other.

The process of making fruit wine is, at best, a handling project, transporting the nutrients of the fruit into the wine, and not all of them can be transported in, and some will be lost.

So from a health point of view, it is better to eat the fruits directly. It is better to use them to make wine.

Precious herbs such as medlar and ginseng are the same as the fruits in front, although they often have the label “health care”.

But the process of making wine does not cause it to become healthier.

Medical or direct consumption according to the doctor’s advice may be a more sensible choice.

In addition, we must remind you that they often belong to the “food and food homologous” food, and the word “medicine food”, we should pay more attention to “medicine.”

In other words, we should treat them more as medicines. They should be used according to the standards of medicines. At the very least, we must know who is applicable, how much should be used, and under what circumstances.

In general, making wine with fruits and herbs does not cause drinking to become more healthy, but it will allow you to spend more time and money.

The nutritionist in the explosion nutrition class wants to tell everyone that if you want to use some kind of things to make wine for the purpose of health, this starting point is wrong.

Because the World Health Organization has already classified alcohol as a type 1 carcinogen, drinking alcohol is not a benefit, and it will not become healthy because you have added a little other ingredient.

The so-called “appropriate drinking is beneficial”, at first, it is said to people who need long-term drinking. The health goals they care about are not the same, and they are the second-best persuasion.

And the most effective way to be healthier is always to stop drinking.

Dear friends, have you soaked in medicinal wine?

Do you think this is a healthy and correct approach?

Share your life experience by leaving a message in the comments section below.

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