[How to cook eggplant in Northeast fish]_how to do_how to do

[How to cook eggplant in Northeast fish]_how to do_how to do

Northeast fish does not mean fish in the Northeast, it refers to a type of fish that is cooked using the Northeast cooking method.

This dish not only allows you to eat the taste of Northeast, but also provides the nutrients required by the body.

Eggplant can lower blood pressure and help people fight aging, so eating eggplant often is better for the body.

Everyone thinks about simmering fish with eggplant in daily life. When you eat it like this, the eggplant has fish flavor.

Describe the practice of Northeast fish stewed eggplant.

1. Ingredients for stewed eggplant with anchovies: two anchovies, purple eggplant, green onions, ginger, garlic, watercress, pepper, wild pepper, and coriander.

Cooking steps: Prepare two fresh anchovies, slaughter, remove their gills and viscera, shark fins and fish tails, rinse them thoroughly, wash eggplants, cut them onion, slice ginger, wild pepper and watercress, add vinegar in water, and repeatClean the mucus on the surface of the catfish, rinse it, drain the water, chop it into pieces, raise the pan, scallion ginger garlic, pepper and wild pepper, put in the bean paste, fry the red oil, and put the cut fish, Bring cooking wine and vinegar along the side of the pot, add water, season with sugar, boil over high heat, eggplants are torn into large pieces, put in the pot, cover and cook together, cook on medium heat until the eggplants are rotten, trySalty, season with salt, collect juice on high fire, add a little green onion and coriander before boiling.

2, Qingjiang fish stewed eggplant ingredients: 3 eggplants, 1 Qingjiang fish, ginger slices, garlic cloves, extremely delicious, salt, cooking wine, sugar, old soy sauce.

Cooking steps: 1.

Qingjiang fish let the fish stall be processed well, cut into 2 pieces.

Prepare ginger garlic, whole garlic, more garlic, delicious eggplant, larger hob pieces ready 3.

Add ginger garlic and hot oil to the hot pot, then fillet the fish, add the old wine, the taste is very fresh, the old soaked sugar, instead of salt 4.

Stewed with water?

Stew until the soup feels like 10 minutes.
Eggplant becomes soft and absorbs fishtail flavor when it is put into the pan?
After a while there is still a little soup and it’s ready.

? Friendly Tips: When using a casserole to make fish, the fish pieces added to the casserole at the end should not be flipped around during the stew. Do not add too early stew to lose the eggplant.

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