The five main points of mental health of the elderly

The five main points of mental health of the elderly

Guide: The five main points of the mental health of the elderly, the elderly have entered the final stage of life, the body’s various health indicators are slowly decreasing at the same time, so the health care of the elderly is the top priority, in order to letThe elderly are old and healthy, and a healthy body is essential.

  In the health of the elderly, it is also very important to ensure mental health. The following are some important points for the elderly about mental health: the first point, understanding interpersonal relationships and psychological exchanges.

The elderly should pay attention not only to contact old friends, but also to make new friends. They should always chat with friends, exchange ideas and feelings, be considerate and considerate in life, communicate with each other in thoughts, and learn from each other in collective activities and interpersonal relationships.Take advantage of the nutrition of life, make your mood comfortable and enjoy your life.

  The second point is to maintain an optimistic spirit and cultivate a healthy mind.

The elderly should be full of confidence in life, try to be temperamental, open-minded, emotionally optimistic, and strive to use their advantages in knowledge, experience, skills, intelligence and specialty to find new life fun.

  The third point is to be good at energy-saving troubles and keep your heart and mind.

In the face of troubles in life, you don’t have to be upset, not to be depressed, but to release bad emotions in a timely manner through various channels.

Be good at detachment from the fame and fortune of the outside world. Do not overwork the chores and keep yourself in a good mood.

  The fourth point is to pay attention to diet and nutrition and strengthen physical exercise.

A person with a healthy body is more able to guarantee mental health.

Older people usually need to eat more high-quality protein, eat more vitamins, low-fat foods, such as lean meat, milk, eggs, soy products and lotus seeds, longan and so on.

  Older people should also choose comfortable sports, such as walking, jogging, punching, doing exercises, etc., the strength is comfortable.

  The fifth point is to expand the living space of diversity.

According to physical conditions and hobbies, the elderly arrange their life content, such as practicing calligraphy, painting, planting flowers, raising birds, reading newspapers, watching TV dramas, etc.

This will not only stretch the mind, but also cherish the time, learn new knowledge, and make life easier.

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