Seize the hot spot of the accurate card slot market for ETFs in the segmented track industry

Seize the hot spot of the accurate “card slot” market for ETFs in the segmented track industry

Correspondent Chen Xiao ○ Editor Wu Xiaojing entered the three quarters, the structural market has become increasingly fierce, and some industry ETFs in the air outlet have repeatedly won in the market rotation, and therefore have been sought after by “smart money”

  The recently established Huabao CSI Technology Leader ETF has doubled in size in just three days after its listing; the wealthy CSI military leader ETF established at the end of July has exceeded US $ 7 billion; and the upcoming Huaxia 5GETF and feed soybean meal futures ETF,Add a touch of shine to the market.

  The reasons for the frequent “explosion” also include the fund company’s product strategy, resource replenishment, and “card-bit” awareness.

Some people said that the industry ETF, as an important supplement to the broad-based ETF, is an indispensable part of the ETF product line and is also one of the keys to reflecting the differentiation of the fund company’s index strategy.

With the success of securities, liquor, and consumer products, the industry ETF may become a “new highland” for publicly funded ETFs, and will face more fierce competition.

  Since the third quarter, the theme investment has gradually become the focus of market attention.

For example, on July 22, taking advantage of the market opening of the science and technology innovation board, Huabao CSI Leading ETF was formally established with an initial launch size of more than 1 billion. After its listing on August 16, the scale has grown rapidly and has now stabilized at 200.More than 10,000 US dollars, it has become a phenomenon-level product.

As soon as the product was launched, it showed a good money-making effect, with the secondary market price starting from the lowest one in 13 trading days.

019 yuan rose to 1.

147 yuan, an increase of more than 14%.

  5G and other annual hottest is also about to usher in the benchmark ETF products.

The China Securities CSI 5G Communications ETF 杭州龙凤桑拿网 was initially launched this week and is currently the only ETF in the domestic market dedicated to 5G communications.

According to the channel, the amount of funds “pre-ordering” the product from the Internet has exceeded 1 billion yuan.

“The fundraising time may not be too long, because the current point in time is more suitable for building a position, and the demand on the market is more robust after listing.

A channel source told reporters that for some general fund products, ETFs can also be subscribed offline or exchanged for a package of stocks. The process is slightly cumbersome, but customers are still interested in the product.

  After the rise of pork prices, after a wave of company prices, the related ETFs will soon be available.

The recently approved China Feed Soybean Meal Futures ETF is a pure pork-themed ETF.

As the main source of pig feed, soybean meal has significantly benefited from the opportunities brought by the increase in the “pig cycle” inventory.

In addition, the correlation coefficient between soybean meal futures and stocks and bonds is reset to a negative value, and configured to both disperse asset risks and effectively resist royal risks. Commodity futures ETF investment also lowers the threshold for individuals to participate in soybean meal futures.

  Why do industry ETFs appear frequently?

Some people said that the overall market this year presents a structural market and the performance of various industries is different. Industry ETFs can be used as “dimensional reduction” investment tools to provide investors with standard and convenient alternative investment and allocation tools.

  First, the cost of investing in industry ETFs.

The management fee rate is usually a supplement to ordinary open-end funds, and the transaction fee rate is 0 less than the stock.

1% stamp duty, saving about 50% on transaction costs.

Compared with ordinary index funds, ETF transaction costs have also been greatly reduced; secondly, ETFs have become more flexible in trading, spreading risks and operating transparently.

Not only that, the ETF’s purchase and redemption mechanism can also become an alternative investment method for individual stocks and indexes, which has considerable advantages for both institutional investors and retail investors.

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