[The practice of Chuan Xinlian]_ Method Daquan _ Production method

[The practice of Chuan Xinlian]_ Method Daquan _ Production method

Chuan Xinlian is not the product of lotus.

Many people have heard the words Chuan Xinlian may think that Chuan Xinlian was cast by lotus, but this is actually wrong.

Chuanxinlian looks a bit like spinach, water spinach and the like. Chuanxinlian is concentrated in southern areas such as Guangdong and Fujian. Because it likes warm environments, its picking season is also in summer.

What is Chuan Xinlian’s approach?

Chuanxilian lotus is afraid of drought. If it is not watered for a long time, it will grow slowly, the leaves will be narrow, and it will bloom early, which will affect the crops.

Optimum seed temperature 25?

30 ° C and higher humidity should have good ventilation conditions.

It is mainly produced in Guangdong and Fujian, and is now introduced and cultivated in the north and south of the Yangtze River.

[Alias]: At first sight, chopped snake sword, bitter grass, eucalyptus lotus, andrographis paniculata, cone-shaped beard herb, all diseased grass, day trip thousands of miles, four states, four square lotus, Indian herb, spring lotus summer willow, bitterGrass, colic, chopped dragon sword, golden ear hook, golden vanilla.

Attributes: Andrographis is medicinal: cold, bitter.

Process: Summer harvest.

Open buds, harvest early flowering.

[Origin of Name]: In the Five Elements Doctrine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is considered that bitterness is in the heart, and Andrographis as soon as you include a small piece of its leaves, you can immediately sense the unforgettable bitterness, as if it is straight into your heart, so the name “Wangxinlian”Don’t have a homophonic Chuan Xinlian.

Spring lotus and autumn willow (“Lingnan Collection of Herbs”), at first sight (“Quanzhou Materia Medica”), Eupatorium nucifera, Bitter colic, Chopped snake sword, Conical whisker herb (Guangzhou Army “Common Chinese Herbal Medicine Handbook”), Sifang Lotus, Golden Herb, Golden Ear Hook, Spring Lotus Summer Willow, Indian Herb (“Guangdong Chinese Herbal Medicine”), Bitter Herb (“Fujian Chinese Herbal Medicine”), Andrographis paniculata.

[Source]: Andrographis paniculata (Burm.)


) Dry ground parts needed.

The stems and leaves are plucked and dried in early autumn and dried.

1. Stems.

Annual herb, 50?
100cm, the whole plant tastes extremely bitter.

Stems erect, multibranched, quadrangular, nodes slightly inflated.

2, leaves.

Leaves opposite, ovate oblong to oblong-lanceolate, 2?
11cm, width 0.


5cm, apex acuminate, base wedge-shaped, entire or shallow wave-shaped, dark green above, gray-green below, lateral veins 3?
4 pairs; petiole short or subsessile.

3. Flowers.

Panicles terminal or axillary; calyx 5 deeply split, outer glandular hairs; corolla pale purple white, lip-shaped, upper lip curved, 2-toothed, lower lip erect, 3 lobed, stamens 2, large and small in drug room, Large tomentose, filaments may be pilose; ovary 2-loculed.

4. Fruit.

Capsules oblong, ca. 1 in length.

5cm, flattened on both sides, with a longitudinal groove in the center.

Flowering period 8?
September, fruit in October.

Born in hot and humid plains, hilly areas.

The amount of salt, chicken, peanuts, 3 petals of sugar, and a pinch of sesame oil are mixed with heart lotus.
Peel the garlic, pat it with the back of the knife, cut into pieces, and pour in other spices (a pinch of sugar, salt, sesame oil, chicken essence) and mix well 2.

After the water in the pot is boiled, pour the washed andrographis paniculata, turn off the heat immediately, cook with chopsticks until it turns dark green, and control the time within one minute, immediately remove it with ice water and quickly cool down to prevent the color from turning yellow.Andrographis paniculata is taken out of the dry ice water, add the seasoning and mix well.

[How to use honey to lose weight]_Slimming_Efficacy

[How to use honey to lose weight]_Slimming_Efficacy

The majority of people who have lost weight must have heard of honey.

But how exactly does honey lose weight?

Does it only eat honey?

Or drink honey with water?

What is the principle of it, is it a scientific way to lose weight, will it cause harm to human health?

The weight loss of honey is mainly the sugar contained in it to provide the necessary energy for the body.

Its trace amount is very low. 1kg of honey contains 2940 kcal. Only 75% of the same amount of white sugar can provide high-quality sugars, vitamins and minerals consumed by the human body.

And the fatty acids contained in honey can promote peristalsis in the body, while its rich vitamins and minerals can adjust the function of the stomach and intestines, remove toxins from the body and improve constipation.

Let’s take a look at how to use honey to lose weight.

1 Honey + black tea is a more suitable drink for beauty and weight loss compared to women, because it does not contain calories, but honey contains, so pay attention to the amount of honey added, the role of honey black tea is to detoxify.

When adding honey, wait for the tea to air before you warm it, otherwise the health ingredients of honey will be destroyed, so is the following time.

2 Honey + green tea has been scientifically proven that green tea has more health effects than black tea.

For example, anti-virus, anti-radiation, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer, etc. The effect of weight loss may not be obvious, but it can be controlled to give yourself a healthier body without gaining weight.

3 honey + ginger + tea This method may be seen on the Internet, but you must note that this combination is suitable for winter, and not suitable for people with thermal constitution, because ginger itself is spicy, hot medicine 4 honey + white vinegar white vinegarAdd honey and honey in a ratio of 1: 3, and mix with an appropriate amount of mineral water.

It should be noted that this method is to be taken on an empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast, and can be eaten after lunch and dinner, the effect is better

[How to make egg noodle soup]_Egg noodle soup_How to make_How to make

[How to make egg noodle soup]_Egg noodle soup_How to make_How to make

Egg noodle soup is a kind of noodle soup made from eggs. It is also a kind of food that can nourish the spleen, stomach, and brain.

Many people like egg noodle soup, but not everyone makes egg noodle soup.

In fact, if the egg noodle soup is made well, it can be said to be a food with both nutrition and deliciousness.

Below, I will introduce the cooking method and nutritional value of egg noodle soup in detail for everyone!

First, how to make noodle soup ingredients: 400 grams of flour, 4 eggs, 200 grams of vegetables.

15 grams of sesame oil, 20 grams of soy sauce, 10 grams of refined salt, 3 grams of MSG.

Production: 1) Put the flour into the bowl, add the egg liquid, make the dough, knead and roll into thin slices, cut into small elephant eye pieces for use; choose spinach to clean and chop.

2) Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, boil on the fire, and then pour in the noodles. After cooking, add the spinach powder, soy sauce, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and drip into the sesame oil to serve.

Production key: This dough is made with eggs and noodles. If there are few eggs, add some water and mix thoroughly.

Roll the noodles thin, cut the slices small, and cook them.

Second, the efficacy and role of noodle soup 1, nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing the spleen and stomach is one of the important functions of the white noodle soup, because the main ingredient of the white noodle soup is flour, which is a powdery substance ground with wheat.It is cool in nature and can enter the heart and spleen meridians. After it is used to make white noodle soup, it is easier for the human body to absorb and use its nutritional ingredients, it can regulate the spleen and stomach, and it can also relieve spleen and stomach weakness and improve human digestive function.

2. Jiannao Yizhi Bainian Decoction is also a kind of health-preserving decoction, which is rich in trace elements phosphorus and zinc and selenium. It is also rich in vitamins and amino acids. Some people usually drink Bainian Tang more than others.The rapid absorption and utilization of nutrients can improve brain function, prevent memory loss, and promote intellectual development, making people more and more intelligent.

Third, the efficacy and role of eggs 1.

Brain-building puzzle: Eggs have a great effect on the nervous system and physical development, and the choline contained in them can improve the memory of all age groups.


Protect the liver: The protein in eggs can repair liver tissue damage, and the lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells.

It can also increase the amount of human plasma protein and enhance the body’s metabolic and immune functions.


Onset of arteriosclerosis: American nutritionists and medical workers used eggs to prevent atherosclerosis and achieved surprising results. They extracted lecithin from eggs, walnuts, and liver, and gave it to patients with cardiovascular disease every day.4?
6 tablespoons.

After 3 months, the patient’s serum and plasma decreased significantly, and satisfactory results were obtained.

[What kind of fish soup is delicious]

[What kind of fish soup is delicious]

There are many ways to fish, but different fish should replace different methods to make it more delicious. Some fish are suitable for cooking, and some fish are suitable for frying.

Only by choosing the right way can the fish show its best side.

Some fish are used to make soup and drink, and they are also very nutritious. A delicious series is able to choose the right fish species.

Let ‘s take a look at what fish soup is best to drink?

The nutrition of fish is very rich, and the therapeutic effect of fish cannot be underestimated, and the health care functions of different types of fish are not the same, so it often becomes the main ingredient of many beautiful soups.

Butterfish is the best fish for soup.

Anchovies and catfish are freshwater fish, with tender meat, fine quality, high nutritional value, and high soup yield. They are especially suitable for patients, the elderly and mothers.

How to make fish soup: 1. Wash the fish, cut into 4 to 5 pieces, simmer with boiling water and any vinegar for a while, remove and wash with water.

2. Peel and wash the shallots and cut into shreds.

3. Wash the celery, and cut into shreds.

4. Peel and seed the pickled cucumbers and cut into oblique pieces.

5. Tricholoma slices.

6. Put the flour in the soup pot and heat it on the built-in fire. Then put the shallots, celery, pepper grains, and fry until it is ripe.

7, add ketchup, stir fry a few times, reduce heat.

8. When the red oil comes out, add the fish clear soup and fish fillets, and at the same time add the sweet beans, green fruit, mushroom slices, pickles, and soup boiling.

9, add refined salt, sugar, MSG, adjust the taste.

10. For soup, dip the fennel in the peach and put it on the soup.

Fish soup health tips 1, catfish, also known as mandarin fish, is a precious food fish upstream.

2. It is widely distributed in all rivers and lakes across the country.

3, Chinese medicine believes that the carp is sweet and flat, and enters the spleen and stomach.

4, with qi and blood, spleen and stomach, killing tapeworms and other effects.

5, Jiu Shi is exciting and powerful.

6, catfish meat is white, tender, delicious without small spines.

7. It is rich in nutrients and contains higher protein than catfish. The content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium is also higher than that of normal starch. It is a tonic food and a springtime dish.

8. This soup is deep red, sour and salty, and has a strong aroma.

9, suitable for fatigue, thin body, qi deficiency and fatigue.

Carassius auratus contains comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can strengthen the elastic fiber composition of the skin.

Especially for the early wrinkles caused by stress, lack of sleep and other mental factors, there are strange relief effects.

[Baby adds supplementary food for the first time]_Children’s first time_What to do

[Baby adds supplementary food for the first time]_Children’s first time_What to do

Parents need to be very aware of the baby’s first food supplement.

Because before that, the baby has been eating breast milk and milk powder, and suddenly starting to increase the supplementary food may cause the baby to feel very uncomfortable.

When adding complementary food to a baby for the first time, parents must choose foods that are easy to swallow for the baby, and feed the baby at the right time.

So, what should the baby pay attention to when adding supplementary food for the first time?

estimated time.

Adding complementary foods for the first time is very important for your baby!

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the most convenient time, about 10 am. At one time, the baby has fallen asleep and feels better. Second, there is still some time before lunch, so that there is sufficient time and patience for the first timeTry complementary food.

At the time of teething, you can continue breastfeeding or formula milk while adding muddy foods (such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples, bananas, peaches or pears) and semi-liquid iron-fortified grains.

Start by adding 1 teaspoon of puree per day. You can use 4-5 teaspoons (1 teaspoon = 5ml, 1 tablespoon = 15ml) of breast milk or formula milk to stir the cereal (just make it thin), then gradually increase to two meals a dayMud, such as cereals, should be gradually thickened.

If your baby doesn’t eat for the first time, you can try it multiple times in the next few days, but don’t force your child.

6 months is when the baby starts to adapt to different foods, and it is also the best time for different food structures and alternative methods.

Authoritative experts consider the baby’s digestive system and the nutritional issues of breast milk, so it is best for mothers with conditions to give the baby pure breast milk to reach 6 months of age, and then gradually add complementary food.

If some babies or mothers cannot continue to substitute pure breast milk for some reason, they can also start to add complementary foods at 4 months, but only earlier than 4 months and no later than 6 months.

Adding complementary foods to your baby also needs to be determined based on your baby’s growth and development.

Generally there are the following standards: the baby’s head muscles have been fully developed, the neck can be straightened up, and it is easy to eat solid food; the swallowing function is gradually coordinated and mature, and the food on the tongue is no longer spit;Already able to digest different kinds of food.

Add premature supplementary foods too soon, it can cause allergies, diarrhea and other problems.

Surveys have shown that babies in some places start to eat rice cereal at 4 months or less, so diarrhea is very common, and some children have digestive tract infections.

In addition, if the supplementary food is added too early to reach a relatively reduced absorption of breast milk, and the nutrition of breast milk is the best, the result of this replacement is not worth the loss.

Adding premature food too early can also cause allergies because your child’s immune system is not yet mature.

The risk of adding complementary foods too late needs to be explained. Don’t add complementary foods to your children too late. The solid food phenomenon will appear after 7 months of the child, and then the effect of adding complementary foods is not good.

The risk of adding a complementary food too late is that the baby cannot get enough nutrition in time.

For example, the amount of iron in breast milk is very small. If no supplementary food is added for more than 6 months, the child may develop iron deficiency anemia.

Internationally, it is generally believed that supplementary foods cannot be added for more than 8 months at the latest.

In addition, about half-year-old babies enter a period of taste sensitivity, and early supplementary foods are added to expose children to a variety of foods or flavors. Avoiding partial and selective foods in the future will help your baby get sick. Can you add supplementary foods when you are sick?

If you encounter illness, it is best to add it properly to prevent digestive disorders.

When the condition is severe, the supplementary food that has been added should also be appropriately reduced. What is the first thing to eat?

Many pediatric experts suggest that the first supplementary food should be supplemented with iron supplements, infant nutritional rice noodles, which have been fortified with calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients, and other supplementary foods contain incomplete nutrients.

In this way, the child can compare more balanced nutrients, and the burden on the body will not be too heavy.

It should be noted here that the first choice is definitely not egg yolk. In addition to iron, egg yolk also contains some large molecular proteins, which can cause problems in children’s absorption and digestion, and dry egg yolks can easily cause children’s dislike.

[Can you eat chives overnight]_Included to eat _ OK

[Can you eat chives overnight]_Included to eat _ OK

Many people like to eat chives, especially chives with scrambled eggs. The taste is very delicious and the nutritional value is very high. Often, there are many ingredients that can be used with chives.There is great potential for good health. Although leeks are often eaten, sometimes they will inevitably be made too much, but they are particularly worried that the leeks can not be eaten overnight.

Can chives be eaten overnight?

Chives can be eaten overnight, but from the perspective of physical health, chives, leeks, and other types of vegetables are best not eaten after overnight.

Leek contains a large amount of nitrate, which can be stored for a long time after being cooked. Nitrate can also be converted into nitrite, which will be poisoned when people eat more.

Can chives be eaten raw? Of course, you can put chili as a salad.

It is best to eat a lot of raw vegetables after boiling water.

The simple list is as follows: 1. Cabbage: If you eat cabbage raw, you will get rich vitamin C and vitamin U, which will help prevent peptic ulcers.

2, cucumber: eat Ganliangliang crisp.

3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in nutrients, sweet and sour, and sweet when eaten raw, they look more delicious.

Because vitamin C has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, elderly people, high blood pressure and high blood pressure patients, if they can eat two or three a day, are likely to be beneficial to health.

But don’t eat tomatoes that are not red and green.

4. Celery: It is a vegetable with high nutritional value. It is especially rich in vitamin P, which has the effect of protecting blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

It can be eaten raw or mixed with carrots, shredded cabbage, parsley, etc., and add some salt and sesame oil to make small dishes, very delicious.

5. In general, vegetables that can be eaten raw include shallots, garlic, spinach, scallion, radish, leeks, garlic sprouts and hosta, etc.

Raw vegetables must be fresh, followed by cleaning, disinfection, and peeling, and the third is how to use sterilized cutting boards and knife chives how to eat cold chives raw.

Soak the chives in salt water for fifteen minutes, clean and cut into sections.

Remove from water and cook for two or three minutes 3.

Remove it and let it cool down for a while to keep the color of the vegetables bright and the loss of nutrients 4.

Squeeze the leek water and make a circle.

To look good 5.

Mix all the spices except millet pepper together.


Drizzle evenly on the placed chives balls 7.

Then place the millet pepper on the chives ball to create a visual effect

[Hpv detection value is high risk_hpv high risk]

[Hpv detection value is high risk_hpv high risk]

Hpv high-risk value is actually a few specific values, because the value of hpv represents different skin viruses, otherwise hpv16 is a high-risk type, while hpv43 is a low-risk type. You cannot judge whether it is high-risk by the value of the value.Friends who do n’t know can consult the relevant doctor.

Hpv is also called human papilloma virus. If it is not treated in time, the damage to the skin is relatively large.

Hpv viruses are all contagious and can be transmitted through indirect contamination of items or sexual acts, so friends must take precautionary measures against the virus.

If pimples appear on your skin, you must seek medical attention in time to avoid the spread of the virus in large areas and cause more damage to your skin.

What about high-risk HPVs?

Because of vulva, vagina and other infections, HPV tests were performed during a gynecological survey, and women who found high-risk HPVs were very worried about causing cancer and often panic.

Some people even think that infected with HPV is caused by genital warts.

What about high-risk HPVs?

Human papillomavirus (Human papillomavirus, HPV) is a kind of epithelial virus with alternative species, which has a high significance.

HPV is a known DNA virus without an envelope that can cause benign tumors and warts in humans.

In clinical practice, HPV has more than dozens of types, and different types can cause different diseases.

HPV can be divided into high-risk and low-risk types according to the different pathogenicity or carcinogenicity of HPV subtypes.

In addition to high-risk HPV, which can cause external genital cancer, it is more important to cause external genital cancer, cervical cancer and high-grade cervical intraepithelial tumors. The main virus subtypes are HPV16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 45, 51,Types 52, 56, 58 and HPV61.

Low-risk HPV mainly causes the occurrence of exogenous warts in the anal skin and male external genitalia, female labia majora, urethral opening, and lower vagina, and low-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. The virus subtypes are HPV 6, 11, 30, 39,Type 42, 43 and HPV44.

Is high-risk hpv harmful?

High-risk HPVs mainly infect humans through direct or indirect contact with contaminated items or sexual transmission.

After the virus invades the human body, it stays in the skin and mucous membrane of the infected site without producing viremia.

1 in the lesions of infection?
Within 2 months, corresponding antibodies were produced in the blood against the infected virus. At this time, if a blood test is performed, the result will be positive, and the positive rate is about 50-90%.

Fifteen high-risk types of HPV, especially types 16 and 18, mainly cause high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical cancer. The positive rate of HPV DNA in cancer tissues detected by nucleic acid hybridization is as high as 60%.

[Can you lose weight by eating oats for a month]

[Can you lose weight by eating oats for a month]

When you eat oats, you take into account the nutritional value of oats, and also take into account the other effects of oats on human organs.

The group of people who are struggling to lose weight, I believe they have heard that oats can reduce weight.

Because people who want to lose weight want to lose weight quickly and see the effect of weight loss in a short time, is it true that eating oats for a month can lose weight?

Can oatmeal be eaten for breakfast? The nutritional value of oatmeal is very rich. Among them, the nutritional ingredients have a good weight-loss effect, as well as the effect of resisting germs and preventing oxidation, which can help everyone to provide immunity. It is recommended that you can eat it for a long time.

How does oatmeal achieve weight loss?

Experts point out that the supplementary fiber contained in oats can help accelerate gastrointestinal motility and transfer to each other, help prevent constipation, dredge interventions to promote defecation, and oats can relieve everyone’s fatigue, so it can achieve the effect of weight loss and weight loss.
In addition, oats have the characteristics of high protein and low carbohydrates, so the amount of traces and the increase in transformation can be reduced during the process of supplementary nutrition. At the same time, the soluble fibers of high viscosity of oats can effectively control appetite and increase the satiety of everyone.Reduce food intake and reduce appetite cravings.

Can eating oatmeal for breakfast lose weight?

Is it nutritious?

Experts remind: generally oatmeal can be eaten with porridge, but do not cook for too long, so as to avoid loss of nutrients. If you want to increase protein and other nutritional supplements, you can also use milk and oats, and oats can also be made into bread, Weight loss is also ideal!

Eat these breakfast for a month to lose several pounds, oat black sesame porridge ingredients: rice, oats, black sesame.

Seasoning: white sugar.

Method: Soak the oatmeal for later use, cook rice and black sesame into porridge, add oatmeal before cooking, cook for another 5 minutes, stir in an appropriate amount of sugar, and then serve.

Expert comments: Among the various grains, oat has the highest calcium content, and white rice has 7.

5 times as much, followed by barley.

Regarding its vitamin, protein and precipitated fiber content, it also far exceeds the white flour of rice.

Although calcium absorption in oats is not as good as calcium in milk, it is still beneficial for preventing calcium deficiency.

Second, oatmeal milk pudding material: 60 grams of oatmeal, 500 grams of fresh milk, 4 whole eggs, 100 grams of granulated sugar, raisin amount.

Production: First take half of the fresh milk and boil it. Pour into the oats and mix well.

Then, when the remaining half of the fresh milk is heated to 40 ° C, add whole eggs and granulated sugar, stir with an eggbeater in the same direction, then sieve twice, then add the soaked oatmeal and mix well.

After that, pour the pudding solution into the cup, cover it with a plastic wrap, and steam it in the rice cooker for 12 minutes.

Remove from the rice cooker and put in raisins.

Third, corn oatmeal oat kernels remove impurities and wash, put in a pot and boil until flowering.

The corn flour is made into a paste with cold water, and slowly poured into the cooked oatmeal. During the pouring process, constant stirring is required. After boiling, use a low heat to cook again.

Fourth, minced meat and oatmeal chop the lean meat into mud, add cooking wine, salted egg liquid and water starch to stir up the meat paste.

Oatmeal blisters are opened into the pot to cook porridge, then slowly add the meat paste, and finally add lard, pepper and monosodium glutamate, seasoned with green onions.

5. For the apple oatmeal, wash and cut the apples and carrots into shreds. Soak the oatmeal in water and put the shredded carrots in the pot. Add 1/4 cup of milk and water to the boil.The apples are ripe.

[Quick homemade miso_what is miso]

[Quick homemade miso_what is miso]

We usually eat miso. The taste is very delicious. Whether miso or bibimbap, it is very delicious. It is very popular in normal times, but most people eat miso.I bought it from a supermarket. In fact, you can make miso by yourself. The miso you make is also delicious. However, many people do not usually make miso, and it is very easy to make miso.

Method for making homemade miso quickly 1.

Take out the prepared soy beans and choose the bad 2.

Put the soybeans into the wok and stir-fry the soybeans. Because the soybeans have not been washed before, soak the soybeans in cold water 3 after cooking.

After washing, pick it up and put it into the pot. Pour the soybeans into the large pot again, add about 3 times the water to boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer slowly.

After cooking, crush the soybeans5.

Then take out the small square box, press the crushed soybeans into small cubes, dry the prepared sauce for a day, and then ferment it with a paper bag. The temperature is generally 18 to 20 degrees.


The fermented sauce will grow white hair. This is normal, just wash the white hair with a brush, then make the washed sauce into small pieces, and dry the soda7.

Then add 20 kg of water to 1.

5 pounds of salt fire burned open and cool, pour into the prepared jar, put in the dried sauce pieces and stir well, cover the jar with a layer of gauze, place the jar in a ventilated and sunny place, carry the sauce dailyJuice Island several times, after the pounding, remove the black debris.


Repeat every day, so that the miso is ready after one month.

The efficacy and role of miso1. Miso can supplement nutrition. Miso has a high nutritional value. It is a sauce made with soybean as the main raw material. Soy itself contains a large amount of vegetable protein. After fermentation processing,, Protein and higher content, can also increase the number of proteolytic enzymes, in addition, there are some minerals and vitamins in the miso, after eating together to supplement the body nutrition, can also accelerate the digestion and absorption of food in the stomach.

2, miso can supplement minerals miso contains a large number of minerals, among which phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium are relatively high, these substances can promote human tissue and cell metabolism, can also increase cell activity, can effectively improve the bodyImmunity, reduce the occurrence of many common diseases.

3, miso can strengthen the brain. There are a large number of microorganisms in miso before fermentation. These microorganisms will be transformed into riboflavin after fermentation. This substance can directly affect the human brain, promote brain cell regeneration, and improveBrain cell activity has great benefits for improving memory and promoting intellectual development, so eating miso often can make people more and more intelligent.

[The practice of Yunnan miso rice noodles]_The common practice of Yunnan miso rice noodles_The practice of Yunnan miso rice noodles_How to do the Yunnan miso rice noodles

[The practice of Yunnan miso rice noodles]_The common practice of Yunnan miso rice noodles_The practice of Yunnan miso rice noodles_How to do the Yunnan miso rice noodles

With the development of the times, few of us may cook.

Everyone eats food stalls and takes away.

There is nothing wrong with this, but the food outside is not necessarily very clean. Sometimes you can prepare your own meals to taste delicious food and also get healthy. The editor below introduces Yunnan miso rice noodles and learn to make it yourself.


12 Coriander, leek, chives, and lettuce are washed and set aside.


21Yunnan dry rice noodles, minced meat, watercress sauce, chicken chicken fir spare.


After the water is boiled, add dry rice noodles and cook for 15-20 minutes. Stir while cooking to prevent the rice noodles from sticking.

Immediately after the noodles become soft and white, remove them and rinse with cold water for several times to cool down.


Put oil in the pot, add a bit of salt, stir fry the pork (you can leave some meat for soup), stir in the bean paste and stir-fry. If you have the old soup of Yunnan Tangchi or Yunnan mixed sauce, it will taste better.


After the noodles cool down, they become soft and not sticky.

Spill the rice noodles with a leaky scoop.


After boiling the water, add the noodles to the water and cook for 30 seconds.


Add cilantro, chives, miso, chives, chicken fritters, canola, soy sauce, and chili into rice noodles.


Claims to be great.

No matter what you do, it takes continuous effort to improve your skills. The same goes for cooking. Today for you