[What kind of fish soup is delicious]

[What kind of fish soup is delicious]

There are many ways to fish, but different fish should replace different methods to make it more delicious. Some fish are suitable for cooking, and some fish are suitable for frying.

Only by choosing the right way can the fish show its best side.

Some fish are used to make soup and drink, and they are also very nutritious. A delicious series is able to choose the right fish species.

Let ‘s take a look at what fish soup is best to drink?

The nutrition of fish is very rich, and the therapeutic effect of fish cannot be underestimated, and the health care functions of different types of fish are not the same, so it often becomes the main ingredient of many beautiful soups.

Butterfish is the best fish for soup.

Anchovies and catfish are freshwater fish, with tender meat, fine quality, high nutritional value, and high soup yield. They are especially suitable for patients, the elderly and mothers.

How to make fish soup: 1. Wash the fish, cut into 4 to 5 pieces, simmer with boiling water and any vinegar for a while, remove and wash with water.

2. Peel and wash the shallots and cut into shreds.

3. Wash the celery, and cut into shreds.

4. Peel and seed the pickled cucumbers and cut into oblique pieces.

5. Tricholoma slices.

6. Put the flour in the soup pot and heat it on the built-in fire. Then put the shallots, celery, pepper grains, and fry until it is ripe.

7, add ketchup, stir fry a few times, reduce heat.

8. When the red oil comes out, add the fish clear soup and fish fillets, and at the same time add the sweet beans, green fruit, mushroom slices, pickles, and soup boiling.

9, add refined salt, sugar, MSG, adjust the taste.

10. For soup, dip the fennel in the peach and put it on the soup.

Fish soup health tips 1, catfish, also known as mandarin fish, is a precious food fish upstream.

2. It is widely distributed in all rivers and lakes across the country.

3, Chinese medicine believes that the carp is sweet and flat, and enters the spleen and stomach.

4, with qi and blood, spleen and stomach, killing tapeworms and other effects.

5, Jiu Shi is exciting and powerful.

6, catfish meat is white, tender, delicious without small spines.

7. It is rich in nutrients and contains higher protein than catfish. The content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium is also higher than that of normal starch. It is a tonic food and a springtime dish.

8. This soup is deep red, sour and salty, and has a strong aroma.

9, suitable for fatigue, thin body, qi deficiency and fatigue.

Carassius auratus contains comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can strengthen the elastic fiber composition of the skin.

Especially for the early wrinkles caused by stress, lack of sleep and other mental factors, there are strange relief effects.

[Quick homemade miso_what is miso]

[Quick homemade miso_what is miso]

We usually eat miso. The taste is very delicious. Whether miso or bibimbap, it is very delicious. It is very popular in normal times, but most people eat miso.I bought it from a supermarket. In fact, you can make miso by yourself. The miso you make is also delicious. However, many people do not usually make miso, and it is very easy to make miso.

Method for making homemade miso quickly 1.

Take out the prepared soy beans and choose the bad 2.

Put the soybeans into the wok and stir-fry the soybeans. Because the soybeans have not been washed before, soak the soybeans in cold water 3 after cooking.

After washing, pick it up and put it into the pot. Pour the soybeans into the large pot again, add about 3 times the water to boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer slowly.

After cooking, crush the soybeans5.

Then take out the small square box, press the crushed soybeans into small cubes, dry the prepared sauce for a day, and then ferment it with a paper bag. The temperature is generally 18 to 20 degrees.


The fermented sauce will grow white hair. This is normal, just wash the white hair with a brush, then make the washed sauce into small pieces, and dry the soda7.

Then add 20 kg of water to 1.

5 pounds of salt fire burned open and cool, pour into the prepared jar, put in the dried sauce pieces and stir well, cover the jar with a layer of gauze, place the jar in a ventilated and sunny place, carry the sauce dailyJuice Island several times, after the pounding, remove the black debris.


Repeat every day, so that the miso is ready after one month.

The efficacy and role of miso1. Miso can supplement nutrition. Miso has a high nutritional value. It is a sauce made with soybean as the main raw material. Soy itself contains a large amount of vegetable protein. After fermentation processing,, Protein and higher content, can also increase the number of proteolytic enzymes, in addition, there are some minerals and vitamins in the miso, after eating together to supplement the body nutrition, can also accelerate the digestion and absorption of food in the stomach.

2, miso can supplement minerals miso contains a large number of minerals, among which phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium are relatively high, these substances can promote human tissue and cell metabolism, can also increase cell activity, can effectively improve the bodyImmunity, reduce the occurrence of many common diseases.

3, miso can strengthen the brain. There are a large number of microorganisms in miso before fermentation. These microorganisms will be transformed into riboflavin after fermentation. This substance can directly affect the human brain, promote brain cell regeneration, and improveBrain cell activity has great benefits for improving memory and promoting intellectual development, so eating miso often can make people more and more intelligent.

[How long can fresh lotus seeds be kept]_Storage time_How to store

[How long can fresh lotus seeds be kept]_Storage time_How to store

Lotus seed is an essential food for our family. It is an excellent tonic. Drinking soup with lotus seeds can calm down the soul, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and enhance immunity.

There are also many fresh lotus seeds on the market. The processed lotus seeds need only be stored in a dry place. However, fresh lotus seeds contain a certain amount of moisture, and the fruits are stored directly, and they are prone to mildew. So how should they be stored and how long?

How to save fresh lotus seeds: Fresh lotus seeds are also called fresh lotus seeds. The second type is peeled from the lotus root with a lotus seed shell (also called grass lotus). The third type is all processed fresh lotus seeds., The seed lotus seed shell, lotus seed clothing; the fourth is all processed fresh lotus seeds, and then remove the lotus core.

The fresh lotus seeds are divided into the above heights. The following explains the preservation methods of vertical lotus seeds and their respective preservation advantages.

The first type of lotus tent; the storage time is the most common at room temperature, good freshness, and is conducive to the transportation of many days. It can be stored at room temperature for 3-5 days.

The second type of grass lotus; can be placed at room temperature for 1-3 days. During the three days, the shell of the lotus seed will gradually become black.Reached 180 days or so at both ends.

The fresh lotus is processed for the third time; it can only be stored for 1-2 days at normal temperature. The surface of the lotus seeds will oxidize and become yellowish in two days.The second one is similar.

The first kind of processed fresh lotus is good; it can only be stored for 1-2 days at room temperature. This kind of lotus seeds is not suitable for storage for a long time because the lotus seed core is removed and it is easy to break.

Introduction of eating method 1. How to lose weight lotus tea: First we prepare 3 grams of dried lotus seeds and 1 grams of green tea. Put the lotus seeds and tea in the tea cup, brew about half a cup with boiling hot water, and cover withYou can stay for 5 minutes. It is best to drink after meals. Lotus seed tea can be brewed repeatedly until the color of the lotus heart changes.

2. Longan lotus seed ingredients: 100 grams of longan meat, 200 grams of fresh lotus seeds, 150 grams of rock sugar, 50 grams of white sugar, and an appropriate amount of wet starch.

Method: Longan meat is washed in cold water (large pieces are torn in half), and the water is removed to control the moisture.

Peel the green skin and tender skin of the fresh lotus seeds, and remove the lotus seeds. Wash them, place them in a boiling water pot, drain them, and pour them into cold water.

Put 750 grams of water in the pot, add sugar and rock sugar, boil and skim off the foam.

Put the longan meat and lotus seeds in the pot, dilute it with wet starch, and put it in a large bowl to serve.

Efficacy: This tincture can strengthen the spleen and calm the nerves, nourishing qi and blood.

Suitable for blood deficiency and palpitations, forgetfulness, insomnia, lack of qi and blood, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, edema, and the consequences of women due to qi and blood deficiency.

How to choose lotus seeds 1, compared with the machine-polished lotus seeds, the individual is round, the separated tips are smoothed, and there is a little red skin on it; chemically peeled, there are some places on the knife marks during processingA little swell.

And according to the amount of hydrogen peroxide and whitening agent, the color can be controlled, and it can be processed as white as white paper.

2. Comparison of taste After cooking, peeled lotus seeds and machine-polished lotus seeds boiled, they smell very fragrant, and the lotus seeds swell a lot.

The chemically peeled lotus seed particles seem to penetrate (the reason for soaking), but they do not swell when cooked, and they smell of an alkali.

3. Price comparison. Machine peeled lotus seeds are 25% more expensive than chemically peeled lotus seeds and red lotus seeds.

[What are Chinese famous snacks _ Chinese classic snacks]

[What are Chinese famous snacks _ Chinese classic snacks]

China’s food culture is very extensive and profound. The food culture between different ethnic groups is completely different, but most of them still meet the taste of the public. However, the most distinctive snacks are Yunnan snacks, including bait blocks.These foods are basically famous both far and near, and the taste is very authentic, especially the taste of the noodles is very long.

Chinese classic snack sour horn cake: It uses natural sour horn as the raw material, and uses special color preservation and fragrance protection technology to make Yunnan specialty products.

It does not contain additives such as preservatives, flavors, sweeteners and pigments, and retains the original flavor of the original fruit without destroying the nutritional value of the original fruit.

The sweet and sour taste conforms to the tastes of the general public, can promote gastrointestinal digestion, remove breath, but also clear summer heat, stagnation of heat, loss of appetite for fever, pregnancy vomiting, pediatric accumulation, treatment of alcohol into sputum, hangover and liver protection, and calcium supplementation.

Bait block: “Bullet block” is a local folk snack in Yunnan.

It is pressed into pieces with cooked rice, usually round pancakes.

Bake on charcoal fire, then coat with sauces and vegetables.

The method is the same as that of 糍粑.

However, the raw material of glutinous rice is glutinous rice, and the raw material of bait is rice.

Crossing bridge noodles: Crossing bridge noodles is a snack unique to southern Yunnan and belongs to Yunnan.

The bridge noodle originated from Mengzi area.

The bridge noodle soup is made from big bones, old hens, and Yunnan Xuanwei ham.

The bridge noodles are composed of four parts: one is the soup material covered with a layer of rolling oil; the other is the condiment, with spicy pepper, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and salt; the third is the main ingredient, raw pork tenderloin, chicken breast, and blackFish fillets, pork loin slices, belly slices, and water squid slices that have been matured with water for five times; supplements include pea tips, leek, and coriander, shallot, grass bud, ginger, and magnolia, simmeredTofu skin; the fourth is the staple food, that is, noodles slightly hot with water.

Goose oil cover, the soup is hot, but not hot.

Gas pot chicken: named after steaming in a steamer.

The main ingredient is chicken. The main cooking process is cooking, which has the effects of nourishing the body, invigorating the blood, and strengthening the spleen and appetizing.

Hong Kong snacks, egg cakes, checkered cakes, pie cakes, fried sambo, bowl wing, chilli noodles Macau snack egg rolls, phoenix rolls, egg rolls, peanut candy, crisp sugar, macaroon cake, lard cake,Sweet wife cake, salty husband cake, walnut cake, chicken cake, beef ear cake, salted cut cake

[The practice of Yunnan rice noodles]_Yunnan rice noodles’ common practice

[The practice of Yunnan rice noodles]_Yunnan rice noodles ‘common practice _ Yunnan rice noodles’ practice Daquan _ Yunnan rice noodles how to do

Yunnan rice noodles are a kind of ingredients suitable for all ages. They are rich in nutrients and very effective for daily health care. Yunnan rice noodles can be made into delicious substitutes with many foods. Today, I mainly come to understand the simplest method of Yunnan rice noodles and the cooking process.A few things to note, eat healthy and eat beautiful.

1, salt, pork ribs, chicken (whole chicken), baguette bones, peas, ginger and other aniseed ingredients are put in the pot to make clear soup.

(The Hui people’s beef and mutton broth and braised soup) make soup head 2. Hat: Raw pork slices (braised pork) are best put before soup, crispy, ribs for cooking soup, chopped chicken, pork skin,Sauerkraut fried meat, etc. (Hui people’s braised beef, cold beef, lamb) (Reminder: Yunnan rice noodles, there is no artificial mashed meat ingredients with food additives, such as shrimp balls and fish balls3) Put the hat (main ingredient) into the bowl, pour 4 broth, and rice noodles in.

(The rice noodles made from red rice on the picture) Rice noodles are made of rice, without any additives, and the shelf life will be short.

Put it in the refrigerator for up to two days. You can eat the rice noodles with boiling water and eat them. The texture is soft and easy to digest, similar to the taste of rice.

The thick and hard rice noodles that have been cooked for a long time, it is best not to eat them, the taste is poor, and we don’t know what to make.

(Taobao also has dried rice noodles from Yunnan. This is optional. It ‘s still quite soft after being used with water.) 5. Add Yunnan pickled cabbage (the amount of sourness in the soup to the amount of pickled cabbage). If you like spicy food, come with a spoon of hot oil.Hot leeks, parsley and shallots.

Because the sauerkraut is different in each place (mainly the same as the Hunan Laotan sauerkraut that is familiar to everyone, but the taste is really different), you can put it according to your own taste.

Want to eat more authentic Yunnan flavors, Taobao also sells in bulk, before buying, it is determined that the farmer over Yunnan himself pickled 6, somehow, we can also put some chrysanthemum petals 7, beef and mutton, broth in soup, Add mint leaves 8, seafood is no exception, be sure to put mint 9, Yunnan rice noodles, here is the introduction of 10, and finally with Jianshui roasted tofu, dip in millet spicy sweet soy sauce, two bowls of tofu wine, YunnanOne day’s meal is basically chic!

Food will have a certain impact on people’s taste buds. Yunnan rice noodles is a successful dish that can stimulate people’s taste buds. It is better to have some soup after eating.

[Northeast pork ribs stewed with bean and corn]_How to make_How to make

[Northeast pork ribs stewed with bean and corn]_How to make_How to make

People in Northeast China are very different from people in other regions when they eat, because people in Northeast China generally eat a lot of food, so they eat a lot of food.

A small number of people in the south will not see the large amount of food in the northeast.

Some Northeast dishes are often seen on the Northeast people’s table as ribs stewed with corn and beans.

Those who do not know how to cook this dish should take a look at the method of braised corn and beans cooked with pork ribs.

Ingredients main ingredients ribs 3 kg of corn a method / step to prepare washed ribs.

Beans and corn.

Simmer the pork ribs in the pan.

Remove until discolored.

Heat the oil in the pan and add the aniseed and ginger slices to fry.

Add the chopped pork ribs.

Fry until browned.

Put in the old soy.

Add a small amount of sugar.

pepper powder.

Put in more water.

Put it all at once.

Heat up, turn to low heat and simmer for 1 hour.

Add beans, corn, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Add salt and simmer for 20 minutes.

Bean curd can be cooked, add chicken essence.

Soup under grill.

Come on the table.

Precautions Stewed for a long time, eating very soft.

Ca n’t eat beans with anything Step 1 Vinegar + beans: The carotene mentioned in beans, and acetic acid will destroy the structure of carotene, making the body unable to absorb carotene, which is not good for human growth and metabolism, soBeans and vinegar cannot be paired with the same food.

What should be eaten with beans? Step 1 beans and potatoes: the nutrients contained in beans can calm people’s minds, alleviate anxiety, and can also help digestion and eliminate the symptoms of fullness and snoring.

The combination of the two can prevent complications such as acute gastroenteritis, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Step 2 Beans + Chicken + Agaric: Beans have spleen, kidney, diarrhea, Qi, and health.

Fungus can nourish qi, nourish the stomach and nourish the lungs, cool blood, stop bleeding, and reduce fat.

With the same food has a certain complication effect on hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Step 3 Beans + Corn: Polenta has a good therapeutic effect on patients with weak spleen and stomach, frequent urination, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension, which is suitable for long-term daily consumption of these patients.

Step 4: Carob + Winter Melon: It has the effect of nourishing kidney and swelling, and it is effective for patients with nephritis, low back pain and edema.

Particularly suitable for long-term daily consumption of these patients.

Step 5 Beans + Mung Beans: boiling soup can clear heat and detoxify, relieve heat, and is suitable for children with rashes and bloated complication in summer.

Step 6: Carob + green pepper: It can relieve muscle pain, and has certain intervention effects on cancer. It can also increase appetite, promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, promote aunt’s metabolism, and help reduce fat and lose weight.

Some people are not suitable to eat beans, stagnation and stagnation should be careful not to eat beans, these patients often have liver digestion problems.

And lung heat.

Liver qi stagnation knots damp and hot.

Because it causes stool, these patients are not suitable to eat beans, if they eat the beans may worsen their illness.

White-collar office how to lose weight work slimming two or two

White-collar office how to lose weight work slimming two or two

Office stovepipe: The A-lang leg that should be noticed when sitting for a long time: When you are sitting in a row, don’t worry about your legs, because the continuous hip-legs will affect the blood circulation of the legs.

B sitting posture: Do not continue to maintain the same sitting posture, change the posture to change the posture, move the legs, the most important thing to grasp this time is to look at ourselves, feel the back of the back, the legs are a little numb and so on.

C legs alternately moving: First of all, our upper body looks up and straight, a little straight, remember not to cat or lazy on the back of the chair, then our left leg is naturally vertical, the right foot is raised and parallel to the ground, then turn up and downOn the toes, when you turn for 2 to 3 or 3 minutes, change your left leg and then swap left and right.

Office stovepipe: On the A chair that should be noticed when sitting for a long time, straighten the legs including the toes, keep them parallel on the ground, and maintain the posture for about 8 seconds.

B When you straighten your legs and toes, let your toes pull back. It is best to have an angle of 75 degrees on the instep and calves. This will reduce the tendons of the legs and maintain this position for about 8 seconds.

C Straighten your legs and then use your foot to rotate your feet clockwise or counterclockwise. You can clearly feel the muscles of your calves are tightened.

The alternate movement of the legs and the three small movements work better together, just need to control the number of times, according to personal physique.

Principle: It seems to exercise on the foot. In fact, our three legs are straight and the legs are always supporting our movements. This exercises both the leg muscles and the legs.

In the daily life, the beautiful legs 1 sit upright on the chair, and the legs open and shoulder width.

2 Keep your upper body straight and keep your legs straight forward from the ground. Hold in the air for 10 seconds, be careful not to bend.

(Do 10 groups, stick to ten minutes every day).

Shape the beautiful legs in the daily life.

Lift the heel up the stairs and bear the weight on the legs, which can eliminate the excess meat of the thigh bones and cheekbones.


When you are sitting on a chair, cover the two calves together and exchange the legs from one to eight.

Repeat this action and do not stop breathing.

This will train the calf line.


When you watch TV, sit on the chair, avoid bending, lift one leg, and then put it down. Repeat this action 8-10 times and then change the other leg to remove the excess meat from the thigh.

First, when the semi-bounce begins, half a squat, hands are placed in front, and jump up at least 20 to 25 cm from the ground.

(If you find it easy, you can jump to 25-30cm).

When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind.

When you land, complete it once.

Next, just repeat the above steps!

Second, lift the tip of the toe (lifting) First, find a step or a book to step on the foot, then only put the toe on top, the heel must not touch the ground or pad.

The toes are raised to the highest point.

Then slowly put it down and finish it once.

Finish with both feet and complete a group.

Third, the stairs to find a chair, put a foot up, 90 degrees.

Jump as far as you can, change your feet in the air, and put them on the chair.

Repeat the previous action to put the original kicking foot back into the chair and complete another jump.

5. The toe jump will raise the toe to the highest point, and use the toe to jump quickly. The jump must not exceed 1.

5 or 2.

Sixth, the leapfrog jump exercise is necessary, and it is helpful for the improvement of the bounce force, because after all, this is a way to train strength.

Seven, two hand-held bells squat on the low stools with long legs and two legs, with two hands holding a heavier dumbbell or kettlebell or two barbells of appropriate weight.

Then slowly bend your knees and knees, when you can’t stand low, stand up, make the calf muscles (the soleus muscle and gastrocnemius) tighten, redo 15?16 times.

Exhale every time you squat, inhale when standing up.

Want to gain weight without overeating


Want to gain weight without overeating

You don’t have to overeating in order to gain weight, as long as you continue to take more than 500 big cards per day.

It is not difficult to eat two more cheeses (two hundred calories) and one cake (three hundred big cards) in about one day.

  A well-absorbed protein A good protein can be absorbed and utilized by the body at a higher rate. This ratio is a protein score. For example, the accumulation of eggs is up to one hundred; it can absorb high foods.

Several top-high foods are as follows: egg 100, milk 85, cheese 74, chicken liver 93, rice 81, 蚬100, muscle 84, bamboo fish 78.

  Many oils and fats are used in oils and fats. They are only fats and oils. They are often used as a cream when cooking. In addition, creamy and salad dressings have been made into milky products, which are easy to enter and easy to digest.

  Controlling moisture In general, it is easy to lose weight and usually feels full soon. Therefore, don’t drink water before and during meals. It is wise to leave the soup for the last time.

  Sweets are reserved for desserts that use sugar after meals. They suddenly increase suddenly and have a feeling of fullness, so you should not eat sweets before meals.

  It is not feasible to increase fat by sugar alone.

  Sweets contain high energy and do reduce weight gain; but the only increase is the slight tissue that builds up the muscles of the body and the bones are not increased.

If you don’t have enough protein, you can’t strengthen your muscles and bones, but it can cause low back pain.

  The use of wine and spices can stimulate appetite, and it is also an instant source, as long as you do not drink too much.

A two-cup wine or plum wine fermenter, containing about one hundred calories.

You can invigorate your spirits and increase your appetite.

  Ginger, the spice of perilla leaves, can also promote appetite because of its aromatic taste.

  Eating some digestible nights and nights is also useful for eating fat before going to bed. You can eat foods that are easy to digest, such as steamed eggs, egg boiled udon noodles, toast, milk, etc.

Good medicine

Good medicine

Speaking of Huanglian, it will remind people of the word “bitterness”. However, if you only know the bitterness of Huanglian, then you actually know it.

The ancients said: “Good medicine is bitter in the mouth”, and Huanglian is a good medicine for treating diseases.

  In Shennong Caojing, Huanglian was listed as the top grade in medicine; in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Huanglian was a tribute, and the Sichuan producing area had to pay a certain amount to the court every year.

In the Qing Dynasty, “Huang Lianyun sold out the ocean, the value of tens of thousands” (“Nanchuan Township” contains).

In the early days, through the in-depth study and excavation of Chinese and Western medicine, the medicinal value of Coptis has been greatly improved.

  Coptis contains berberine (also known as berberine), coptisine, jatrorrhizine, palmine and other alkaloids, of which berberine is the main

Coptis or berberine is a natural broad-spectrum antibacterial drug, which has opposite inhibitory effects on various bacteria, cocci, fungi, viruses, protozoa, etc., good governance, diarrhea, digestive inflammation and other symptoms.

Berberine also enhances the phagocytic function of white blood cells, has good anti-inflammatory, choleretic, dilated blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Chinese medicine believes that the scent of berberine is bitter and cold, non-toxic, and has the functions of purging fire and detoxification, clearing heat and dampness, clearing heart and removing trouble, and stopping vomiting and killing insects.

Widely used as high fever, hot poison, typhoid, diarrhea, ascariasis, sore throat, mouth sores, ulcers, burns and other heat syndromes, damp heat syndrome, cold and heat syndrome and various blood tests.

  The history of Huanglian treatment has a long history and its efficacy is well known.

The famous party composed of it has 12 in the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, accounting for about 10% of the prescription.

This book was passed down to North Korea and Japan in the Tang Dynasty. These effective prescriptions are still used by Chinese medicine practitioners in China, Japan, North Korea and Southeast Asia.

In the Tang Dynasty, “The Golden Essentials” and “The Secrets of the Outer Taiwan”, there are more than 260 prescriptions of Huanglian, which shows that Huanglian has a wide range of diseases.

Proverbs cloud: “There are berberine in the family, and all diseases can be cured.

“Coptis can be said to be a must-have medicine for home travel.

At present, there are various kinds of berberine preparations such as cream, Dan, pills, powder, tablets and injections.

  The existing selection of some supplemental berberine unilateral and prescription to introduce to everyone: First, berberine powder (raw drug), 3-6 grams per day, children reduce, can be filled into capsules and swallowed.

Treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, digestive inflammation, pneumonia, pharyngitis, diphtheria and various surgical inflammatory diseases have a good effect.

  Second, 100% berberine decoction (100 grams of berberine plus water to 100 ml) treatment of children whooping cough, the effect is significant.

  Third, 10% berberine infusion (10 grams of berberine plus water soak for 48 hours, fry until 100 ml, filtered to cool) to clean the wound wound or dressing, infiltrated with cotton slings into the vagina to cure cervicitis, cervical erosion.

  Fourth, the berberine powder is transferred into the sesame oil in a ratio of 1:3, and the external phlegm cures eczema, and the water and fire burns.

  Five, 15 grams of Coptis, cinnamon 1.

5 grams, a total of powder, salt soup blunt, cure heart palpitations, irritability, insomnia.

  Six, berberine, 6 grams of fresh summer, a total of fine powder, divided into 100 parts, one at a time, three times a day.

Treat children with milk.

  Seven, regardless of whether it is broken or not, the berberine, betel nut and other parts are the end, and the egg is cleared.

Treatment of kidney swelling.

  Eight, berberine sauté, always contains sputum.

Treat mouth and sores.

What are the similarities and differences between qigong and yoga, meditation _1

What are the similarities and differences between Qigong and Yoga?

Although there is no “qigong” equivalent to the original meaning in Buddhism, in terms of modern qigong, objective qigong and meditation contain similar qigong content.

  Yoga is the transliteration of Sanskrit YOGA. In the Buddhist scriptures, the Chinese translation is “corresponding”, which means controlling your body to correspond to something (consistent, consistent).

Yoga is a collective term for the ancient Indian religions to self-modulate to exercise, and Buddhism also refers to its meditation as yoga.

The meditation is called a yoga practitioner, or a yoga teacher.

The practice methods of Buddhism Tantrics are more named after yoga.

In India, various training methods are still collectively referred to as yoga, but with some changes, there are many spiritual connotations and exercise postures.

Absolutely, because of its physiological characteristics, it has been recognized in the world, especially in Europe and America.

  Meditation refers to the practice of meditation.

Zen is the abbreviation of Sanskrit “Dan” (DHYANA), Chinese translation “contemplation”, “thinking maintenance”, refers to thinking in a quiet state of mind.

It is a free translation of Sanskrit Sanya (SAMADHI), which refers to all the calm and dizzy moods.

The meditation is a general term for all kinds of yoga in Buddhism.

It should be pointed out that Zen’s “clear mind” Kung Fu is also called “Zen” and has its special meaning.

Meditation is a method of practice in Buddhism. It means putting down all the fandoms and distractions in a quiet environment and normal life, focusing on the spirit and carrying out constant practice.

  Qigong and yoga, meditation have a lot in common, for example, this is a self-practical method, which requires a combination of tuning, pacing, and tempering to achieve a state of calm and spirit.And to gain a variety of opportunities in wisdom, you can completely criticize fitness, cultivate morality, cultivate temperament, and use it as a new way for people to understand their own life movements.

Although there is a lot of consistency between them, in general, qigong and yoga, meditation and so on are still qualitatively different.

The purpose of Qigong research is to be based on real life at all stages so that human beings can get real benefits.

The purpose of Qigong exercise is generally to cure the disease, maintain the health and puzzle, and cultivate the temperament.

Buddhists practice yoga, and the purpose of meditation is to gain great wisdom and serious troubles.

Because of disease prevention, fitness is just a by-product obtained during the course of training.

At the same time, the two ambitions are different from the “view”. Qigong is mostly for certain aspects that are good for health, while yoga and meditation are all subject to certain religious content, such as chanting Buddha.

In the eyes of Buddhists, a person spends a lot of time practicing qigong for the treatment of illness and fitness. I don’t know if the Buddha’s family stopped watching life and death, and it is “taking gold bars as straw”.

It can be seen that people practicing Qigong and Buddhist meditation do not seem to have much difference in appearance and method, but their subjective beliefs are qualitatively different.