Haida Group (002311): Poultry and aquatic materials have a better growth momentum and the overall performance is stable

Haida Group (002311): Poultry and aquatic materials have a better growth momentum and the overall performance is stable

Net profit attributable to mothers increased by 21 in the first quarter of 19.

81%, in line with the expected 19Q1 results announced by Haida Group: revenue 88.

75 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

25%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

22 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

81%, corresponding profit 0.

08 yuan, performance in line with expectations.

1) The total sales volume of our feed in 1Q19 is about 230 tons, an increase of about 20% each year, of which the sales of pig feed / poultry feed / aquatic feed are about 50/145/35, and the increase is about 5% / 30% / 20%; 2) We judge that the gross profit margin of feed in 1Q19 is basically stable, of which the gross profit margin of pig feed fell slightly; the gross profit margin of poultry feed gradually increased due to the optimization of poultry feed management efficiency; in aquatic feed, the gross profit margin of pellet feed declined slightly, butThe overall gross profit margin of aquatic products is basically the same; 3) We reduced 200,000 pigs from the 1Q19 pig market, but because of the overall sluggish pig price in 1Q19, we reduced our heads by about 150 yuan, and the overall breeding business decreased by 30 million yuan.

Development trends Poultry meat and aquatic materials have improved their growth momentum this year: The high price of poultry meat year-to-date has provided an alternate and stable external environment for poultry and livestock operations. At the same time, the company has achieved a certain efficiency advantage in poultry manure, taking into account the increase in profitabilityTake 无锡桑拿网 care of heavy volume goals.

We predict that the annual feed sales volume of livestock and poultry will increase by 23% to 650 tons, and the net profit of the ton will remain at a high level of more than 50 yuan (we forecast that the net profit of 1Q19 ton has exceeded 60 yuan, and the net profit of 1Q18 ton is about 10 yuan low).

At the same time, there is still room for growth of aquatic materials. High pig prices are good for aquatic products prices, and the company’s sales are upgraded. The proportion of high-end extruded materials continues to increase. We expect to increase the sales volume of aquatic materials by 20% to 370 tons. The growth rate of high-end extruded materials is expected to reach30%.

There is uncertainty in pig feed and pig breeding operations: due to the replacement of live pig stocks, 天津夜网 the company will face certain pressure on pig feed sales this year. Our revenue in 1Q19 was only around 5%, and pig prices were bullish.There is an opportunity for pig feed sales to improve, but we are currently only seeing a 10% increase in expected sales to 255.

Regarding the pig breeding business, we expect to expand the market to see 1 million heads (700,000 heads in 2018), and then if the epidemic situation worsens or the price of piglets is too high, or the company will limit the volume of the company’s market.

Earnings forecasts remain attributable to net profit attributable to mothers for 2019/202017.


2.4 billion unchanged.

Estimates and recommendations The estimates correspond to 27/20 times the 2019/2020 estimates.

Maintain the recommended level and a target price of RMB 34. The target price corresponds to a price / earnings ratio of 30/22 times in 2019/2020, +11.

5% space.

Risks Downturn in the downstream aquaculture industry continues to slump; Raw material prices fluctuate sharply; Extreme weather effects

Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway (600377): Good choice for defense configuration with performance in line with expectations

Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway (600377): Good choice for defense configuration with performance in line with expectations

In the first half of the year, income fell by 5 per year.

96%, deducting non-net profit increased by 9 in ten years.

78%, performance in line with expectations On August 25, Ninghu Expressway released its 2019 Interim Report: 1) Revenue decreased by 5.

96% to 48.

3.5 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mothers decreased by 8.

30% to 22.

8.2 billion, net non-profit increased by 9.

78% to 22.

6.6 billion yuan; 2) Performance is in line with expectations (our profit forecast is 22.

04 billion).

In the same period last year, the company confirmed the value-added income due to the consolidation of Hanwei Company4.

310,000 yuan, making the performance base higher.

The non-performance growth mainly comes from the endogenous growth of traffic flow and increased investment income.

We expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be zero.



96 yuan, adjust the target price to 10.


20 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The main business of toll roads has grown steadily. Due to the 1H19 revenue interruption in the land business during the settlement cycle, the gross profit decreased by 5.

96%, 0.

19%, mainly affected by the land settlement cycle, the delivery scale is less than 1H18; toll roads and real estate account for 90% and 7% of gross profit.

Benefiting from the endogenous growth of traffic flow, toll revenue is increasing by 5 per year.

18%; of which, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway revenue on core sections increased by 4 year-on-year.

84%, Guangjing Xicheng, Ningchang Town, and the income of Xiyihuan Taihu Expressway increased by 2.

88%, 5.

03%, 3.


Land business income is reduced by 48 per year.

38%, mainly due to the central delivery of Suzhou South Gate project in 1H18, and no new delivery project in 1H19.

Ancillary service income is reduced by 14 each year.

96%, due to the implementation of double-deck tank reforms in service areas, sales of oil products decreased by 17%.


The high base dragged down the growth rate of net profit, investment income increased by 1H19 each year, and the company’s gross profit decreased by 5.59 million yuan; after deducting 1H18 the value-added income of Hanwei Company4.

After 3.1 billion, operating profit in 1H19 increased further 2.

6.9 billion yuan.

The difference is mainly due to the increase in non-investment income1.
The increase of 7.8 billion US dollars was mainly due to the increase in vehicle traffic of associates and the increase in dividends of participating companies. Among them, the investment income of the Yangtze Bridge and Sujiahang increased.
93%, 21.


Due to the new highway construction, 3 companies with heavy capital expenditures are under construction in 2019-2021, and 1 road and bridge project is planned to be built, with a total investment of about 25.5 billion yuan, of which Wufeng Mountain, Changyi and Yichang project progress is 64.

4%, 58.

5%, 38.


We expect capital expenditure to remain high in 2019-2021, and short-term cash flow will be affected to a certain extent; due to the capitalization of loan interest, the net profit during the construction period will decrease less.

Affected by the abolition of the provincial border toll station policy across the country, the company will complete the ETC equipment renovation in the second half of the year; starting in July, the Jiangsu ETC discount will be adjusted from 98% to 5%.

In the long run, charging efficiency is expected to improve, and labor costs (1H19 is 2).

9.9 billion) is expected to decline.

We expect the multi-year impact of ETC discount changes on Jiangsu rates to be -2.

5% (2H19), -3.

5% (1H20), -1.

0% (2H20), but increased efficiency and reduced rates also attract traffic.

Adjust target price to 10.


20 yuan, to maintain the “overweight” rating We adjust the 2019/20/21 return to mother’s net profit forecast to 40.



2.8 billion (previously 41.



6.8 billion).

We expect dividends to grow steadily in 2019/20/21, corresponding to a dividend yield of 4.

8% / 5.

0% / 5.

2% (closing date 20190823).

We adjust our target price to 10.


20 yuan (10 last time.


00 yuan), based on: 1) still based on 13.

3x 2019PE (industry estimated hub is 10.

2x 2019PE, given a premium due to high yields), with an estimated target price of 10.

80 yuan; 2) DCF: based on WACC = 7.

81% (previous 7).

86%) Estimated target price 11.

20 yuan.
Maintain 青岛夜网 the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: The economic scale of the Yangtze River Delta, the traffic growth rate exceeds expectations, and real estate sales are lower than expected.

Mercury Home Textiles (603365) Quarterly Report Review: 19Q3 Performance Exceeds Market Expectations, Online Channels Recover Rapidly, Profitability Continues to Improve

Mercury Home Textiles (603365) Quarterly Report Review: 19Q3 Performance Exceeds Market Expectations, Online Channels Recover Rapidly, Profitability Continues to Improve

Event: The company announced the third quarter of 2019 results, and the company achieved revenue of 20 in the first three quarters of 19 years.

1.8 billion (+11.

89%), realizing net profit attributable to mothers2.

1.5 billion (+18.

78%), and realized deduction of non-net profit1.

8.4 billion (+14.

75%), achieved steady growth, and the performance slightly exceeded market expectations.

The company achieved revenue 7 in the quarter of 19Q3.

4.2 billion (+15.

43%), and realized a net profit of RMB 80 million (+31).

14%), and realized non-net profit of 76.95 million yuan (+51.


The growth rate of online channels exceeded market expectations, and offline channels continued to grow steadily. 1) Online channels: The company’s online channels exceeded market expectations. We expect online channels to grow by about 17% in the first three quarters of 19 years.

Among them, 19Q1 is expected to be -10.

5%, 19Q2 is 30.

1%, 19Q3 is about 38% growth level.

Negative growth of the company’s e-commerce channel in 19Q1. We believe that it is mainly due to the traffic diversion of mainstream e-commerce platforms. At the same time, the high base of 18Q1 overlaps, leading to the negative growth of the e-commerce channel in 19Q1.Focus on different marketing solutions and product arrangements for different e-commerce platforms. Since the 19Q2 quarter, the company’s online e-commerce channels have improved significantly. The growth rate in the second and third quarters exceeded market expectations, achieving more than 30% growth.It reflects the company’s sustainable e-commerce operation capabilities.

We expect the company’s online channels to achieve double-digit growth in 19 years.

2) Offline channels: The company’s offline channels have maintained steady growth. We expect offline channels to grow by around 9% in the first three quarters of 19 years.

Among them, 19Q1 is expected to be 7.

5%, 19Q2 is 13.

7%, 19Q3 is about 8% growth level.

The company’s offline channels still maintained a good momentum in the third quarter, with steady growth.

At present, the company’s stores are expected to be around 2700. In recent years, the company has improved and improved the quality of its stores. New stores are mainly large stores. Old stores have improved store image and location optimization.

In the context of the company’s few net openings in recent years, offline channels have been able to achieve steady growth. We believe that this is mainly due to the same store growth, which also shows that the company has achieved significant results in improving store quality.

For the whole of 2019, we expect the company’s offline channels to achieve growth of more than 10%.

The gross net interest rate constant increased, and profitability improved.

Gross profit margin: In the first three quarters of 19, the company achieved a gross profit margin of 38.

09% (+ 3.


The Q3 single-quarter gross profit margin was 38.

95% (+5.

79 points).

The company ‘s gross profit margin has increased significantly. We believe that the main reasons are: 1) the company has higher pricing power, and the price of raw materials has been taken into account in the autumn and winter product pricing, and the overall price has increased; 2) the company’s product structure has been continuously optimized, and high-end products, etc.The proportion of products with higher gross profit margins increased, and the amount of the company’s gross profit margin continued to increase.

Expense ratio: The company’s expense ratio increased in the first three quarters of 19, of which the sales / management / finance expense ratio was 19 respectively.

38% (+2.

91 points), 7.

26% (-0.35 points), -0.

34% (-0.


The increase in the company’s sales expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in advertising, transportation costs and sales staff costs.

By quarter, the sales / management / financial expense ratio of the company in 19Q3 was 17 respectively.

94% (+3.

02pct), 7.

44% (-0.

88pct), -0.

33% (-0.


Asset impairment loss: In the first three quarters of 19, the company’s asset impairment loss was 10.99 million yuan (+137.

36%), mainly due to the impact of the company’s inventory depreciation.

Although the company’s asset impairment losses have grown rapidly, the ratio of the absolute amount of its inventory depreciation to the company’s inventory amount is small and has little effect.

Net Margin: As the gross margin increased slightly higher than the expense ratio, the company’s net margin increased slightly.

In the first three quarters of 19, the net interest rate was 10.

64% (+0.


Q3 net profit is 10.

78% (+1.


The company’s inventory has increased slightly, and the net operating cash flow has improved significantly. Inventory: The company’s inventory in the first three quarters of 19 was 8.

980,000 yuan (+7.

86%), a slight increase.

Accounts receivable: The company’s account receivables in the first three quarters of 19 were 1.

8.4 billion (+17.

60%), improving growth, increasing about 4.

36%, a slight increase.

We think it is mainly due to the period of the online platform account period, and the company’s online channels are growing rapidly.

The net operating cash flow is: the company in the first three quarters of 19 years.

09 million yuan, -1 in the same period of 18 years.

60 billion US dollars improved; 19Q3 single quarter was 5.91 million yuan, compared with 19Q2 from negative to positive, a significant improvement.

As the company’s sales peak in the second half of the year, especially in the fourth quarter, is also the peak of repayment, the company’s cash flow is expected to gradually improve.

The company released the first phase of the employee stock ownership plan budget. The maximum scale of funds to be raised is not more than 34 million yuan, and each share is 1 yuan.The highest equity is 0.


The total number of participants in this employee shareholding plan does not exceed 50, including 1 supervisor, with a duration of 36 months.

The company’s share repurchase program for employee stock ownership can motivate employees and highlight the company’s development confidence.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Considering that the company continues to benefit from the consumption upgrade in low-tier cities; the online growth will continue to stabilize after gradual improvement and measures are taken, and the company’s performance will continue to grow steadily in the 杭州桑拿网 long run.
Home textiles is a highly standardized industry. We believe that the conversion to e-commerce and offline channels continue to penetrate in low-tier cities, and the concentration of the entire industry will significantly increase.
We maintain our highest profit forecast, with revenues expected to be 30 in 19-21.

5.6 billion, 34.

7 billion, 39.

68 ppm with a growth rate of 12 respectively.

40%, 13.

53%, 14.

35%; net profit is 3 respectively.

310,000 yuan, 3.

8.3 billion, 4.

460,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

15%, 15.

62%, 16.


Therefore, the EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.



67 yuan.

Maintain the company’s 19x PE at 19, with a target price of 24.

80 yuan.

Risk warning: offline channel revenue is less than expected, and new online channel shocks intensify competition.

Private equity conference call urgently determines market opening operation: adjustment is a golden pit

Private equity conference call urgently determines market opening operation: adjustment is a “golden pit”
When panic spreads, when does the specific medicine appear?Investing without looking at policies is like blindfolding. Come to Sina Finance University, listen to Miss Dong read the news and understand the market.The latest epidemic interpretation is free for a limited time before February 9! Original Title: Urgent Research on Private Equity Conference Call!How did they operate after the A-share market opened? It seems that the source: China Securities News Lin Ronghua Li Huimin fell sharply across the board on Friday, the Dow plummeted 600 points, a decline of more than 2%, the largest one-day drop since September 2019; S & P 500The index fell by 1.At 77%, the Nasdaq fell by 1.59%; all three indexes have erased the increase since 2020.Most large technology stocks fell, and most Chinese stocks also fell.  Source: Wind A shares will be launched next Monday. What will happen?  Merged the remote office model of private equity, researched and judged strategies through telephone conferences, and changed the private equity fund manager to participate in an emergency meeting yesterday.At the same time, Xingshi Investment, Yuanlesheng Assets, Minority Investment and other tens of billions of private equity and some medium-sized private equity also issued strategic views.  Private equity believes that the short-term adjustment brought by the epidemic is a “golden pit”, and the market will soon recover from panic, and it will still be better in the medium term.5G, new energy, pharmaceutical and other technology stocks and undervalued leading stocks, blue-chip stocks will usher in better buying points.At the same time, fiscal and monetary policies are expected to work together and remain optimistic about macroeconomic trends.  The initial short-term adjustment is the “golden pit”. From the perspective of private equity institutions, the epidemic does not change the direction of economic recovery and the positive trend of A-shares in the medium term. The “golden pit” brought by short-term adjustment is an opportunity for new funds to buy.  Xingshi Investment Deputy General Manager and Chief Research Officer Lei believes that the impact of the epidemic on the capital market must exist, but space and time may be relatively limited.Before the Spring Festival this year, A-shares have released some pressure, and after a holiday digestion, coupled with the 2003 SARS experience transformation, market sentiment may be released relatively quickly.With the control of the epidemic, the market will return to a long-term positive trend. Under the background of policy protection and industrial upgrading, the future will still be the main market for growth stocks.  Yuanlesheng Assets believes that from the experience of SARS, the market adjustment brought about by one-off shocks is actually an “opportunity”.The direction of the 2020 economic cycle stabilization and recovery will not change, and the recovery will only be late but not absent.Higher medical standards and better protection awareness have given us confidence that the time of the “war epidemic” may be shorter than that of SARS.This shock is a one-time, once the level is gradually restored, most industries will drive back the progress in the subsequent time, and generally will not change the direction of economic recovery.  The minority investment founder Zhou Liang said that the panic will intensify the decline and shocks of the market in the short term, but the impact on the stock market will soon pass.Every year, unexpected events erupt, affecting the sentiment and trends of the market, but it is difficult to change the general pattern and trend of the market.The panic caused by the outbreak provided an opportunity for incremental funds to buy stocks at a low price.The return-to-risk ratio is better than the value-at-risk.The long-term trend of China’s economic development will not change, and the pattern of the A-share market will not change.  Gathering Capital pointed out that the epidemic may have a certain impact on the short-term sentiment and rhythm of the market, but it does not change the trend of the medium-term market. The estimates of stocks and Hong Kong stocks have shifted their attractiveness after the change, and they still hold a positive attitude towards the market’s medium-term trend.  In the short term, Tai Chi Assets said that during the Spring Festival, the Hang Seng Index and A50 futures fell by about 5 respectively.7% and 7.0%, A shares will make up after the Spring Festival.As the epidemic situation is gradually controlled, the market is expected to stabilize and recover before the inflection point of the epidemic case data is reached.  The pharmaceutical sector is ready to receive attention. From the perspective of specific operational responses, 5G, new energy, pharmaceutical biotechnology and other technology stocks and undervalued leading stocks, blue-chip stocks are still the focus of private equity institutions.  Fang Lei said that from the perspective of industry configuration, the impact of the epidemic on the biopharmaceutical industry and the science and technology sector less affected by the epidemic was relatively controllable.During the SARS period in 2003, both the biomedical industry and the technology industry represented by TMT had excess returns.Adhere to the early judgment, focusing on the 5G industry chain, the new energy vehicle industry chain and the biomedical industry, which represent the future development direction.  Zhou Liang, the founder of minority investments, said the market will soon recover from panic.It will not be too long for investors to buy at low prices in a market panic.It is expected that the strong 杭州夜生活网 style of big blue chips will continue. The big blue chips will be selected and the method of full position operation will be continued for more than three years.  Yuanlesheng Assets believes that the future opportunities are more about the profit growth space and sustainability of outstanding companies, and the market still overestimates its profit and underestimates its profitability.  Together Capital believes that the epidemic will be a core factor affecting the market in the short term, focusing on the impact of accelerated population movements on the epidemic data after rework.The pharmaceutical and chemical sectors generally performed better during the outbreak, and the relative growth of the pharmaceutical sector during the SARS outbreak (2003/04 / 16-2003 / 04/30) increased the excess returns.twenty one%.  Taiying Assets 武汉夜生活网 said that the short-term risk-averse funds are expected to increase the holdings of diagnosis, medical protective supplies, therapeutic drugs and equipment, pharmacies and Internet medical care that are related to the epidemic situation.In the long run, government public expenditure will increase the proportion of payments for medical epidemic prevention, public health, domestic medical devices, vaccines, and innovative drug companies.Possibility under the influence of short-term emotions will make the quality target more reasonable.It is expected that technology hardware and consumer goods will be significantly differentiated after adjustment, and some sub-industries in the pharmaceutical and Internet are expected to obtain excess returns.  Looking forward to fiscal and monetary policy, while optimistic about the later trend of A shares, private equity institutions are also looking forward to fiscal and monetary policy, and to stabilize economic growth.  Fang Lei said that the short-term impact of the epidemic on production and consumption will likely calm down in the first half of the year, and the goal of gradual economic growth will most likely be achieved.There are two reasons: First, the impact of the epidemic-like black swan on the economy is mostly pulsating, and it will not change the trend of economic growth.Second, the policy will remain relatively loose, and the rhythm may be changed more than originally expected, with less intensity.In terms of fiscal policy, increasing local special debt quotas, increasing the fiscal deficit rate, and increasing the financial support of policy-oriented financial institutions are the main points of view; in terms of monetary policy, reducing the remaining space and reducing the financing cost of the real economy are also important points.Reducing LPR rates may still be worth looking forward to.  Yuanlesheng Asset said that in the first quarter of 2020, there may be deep pits in the economy, and that fiscal and monetary policies may further increase easing.The economic budget is a dynamic follow-up type. When downward pressure increases, the speed of reverse decomposition may increase to prevent the economy from entering endogenous deflation.The emergence of the epidemic may make fiscal and monetary policy more prolonged or more accommodative, and it is more conducive to economic recovery in the medium and long term.Taking into account the partial shift in demand in the first quarter, while lowering the economic growth forecast for the first quarter, the growth forecast for the second to fourth quarter of 2020 can be raised.  Gathering Capital stated that in order to cope with the potential impact of liquidity due to trading “getting together” on the first trading day after the holiday, it changed the “Public Bank of China, State Administration of Foreign Exchange Administration’s Notice on Extending the Inter-bank Market Resting Schedule” on January 28.It is clearly stated that in consideration of the long-term fund size budget after the market opening on February 3, monetary policy tools such as the deployment of open market operations will be used to release a large amount of liquidity in a timely manner to maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity in the banking system.  Taiji Assets said that with reference to the experience during the SARS period, monetary and fiscal policies will also be adjusted counter-cyclically. The government will reduce the interest rate and allowances to increase taxes and expenditures, which will bring about stable economic growth.

Longji shares (601012) 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations single crystal leader restarted growth

Longji shares (601012) 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations single crystal leader restarted growth
In the 2019 Q1 2019, Longji Co., Ltd. seeks to insert silicon wafers into donors, and its profitability continues to rise. After the series consolidation of components, high growth will be reproduced, maintaining the “overweight” rating. Investment Highlights: Maintain the “overweight” rating.Increase EPS forecast for 2019-2020 to 1.19 (+0.02) / 1.71 yuan, plus 2 in 2021 EPS.The 02 yuan forecast was raised because we believe that the profitability of silicon wafers after the second quarter of 2019 exceeded our expectations, maintaining a target price of 30.73 yuan.Longji shares announced the results of Q1 in 2018 and 2019, and realized revenue of 22 billion yuan in 2018, and net profit attributable to the parent was 2.6 billion yuan. In Q1 of 2019, revenue reached 57.100 million (+ 65%), net profit attributable to mother 6.1.1 billion (+ 13%), net of non-net profit 5.9.6 billion (+ 18%). Performance is in line with our expectations.The volume of silicon wafers 杭州桑拿网 in 2018 was 34.8.3 billion pieces, formerly + 113%, components combined 6.58GW, a year ago + 390%, achieved a significant increase under the threshold of 531. In 2018, 413MW generators were sold and 975MW were in hand at the end of the year; Q1 silicon wafers were exported in 20199.8.2 billion tablets, + 213% previously, gross profit margin continued to rebound to 21.5%; components are exported 1.24GW, formerly + 61%, gross profit margin remained at about 25%; the power plant sold 106MW, realizing investment income of 0.9.3 billion. In 2019, there is a shortage of monocrystalline silicon wafers, and the trend of double-sided components.The orientation of the single crystal silicon wafer shows the shape of the long-ring double-oligonucleotide. In 2019, as the single crystal PERC battery downstream of the single crystal silicon 深圳SPA会所 wafer will significantly increase the production capacity by more than 30GW, the difference between single crystal silicon wafers is unavoidable.At that time, the gross profit margin of monocrystalline wafers has risen to 25% -30%. In the long run, oligopoly maintains a gross profit margin of 25% and a net profit margin of 15% is also very reasonable.At the same time, taking into account the premium manifestation of double-sided components, it is expected to bring excess profits to component companies. In 2019, the scale of Longji double-sided components is expected to exceed 40%, which will also enhance profitability. catalyst.Monocrystalline wafer prices continued to remain high and new products were introduced. risk warning.International trade policy and exchange rate risks in 2019.

[Who is the murderer behind the shrinking of this thing?

[Who is the murderer behind the shrinking of this thing?

Antimony pellets are slightly flat ellipsoids with smooth surfaces, divided into inner and outer sides, front and rear edges, and upper and lower ends.

The leading edge is free; the trailing edge has blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics in and out, and is in contact with the epididymis and the lower segment of the vas deferens (insulin pill).

The transformational maturation of lactic acid pills grows rapidly, and the degenerative function of the retinal pills in the elderly declines and shrinks.

Under normal circumstances, the scrotum is stimulated by cold, and contraction will occur. This is normal and does not belong to retinal pill atrophy.

Retinal pill atrophy in medicine means that the plasma pill was originally normal, and then for some reason, it gradually shrank and became smaller.

The reasons are roughly as follows: Retinal pill atrophy: viral infection

When the retina pill is attacked by this virus, the spermatogenic tissue in the plasma pill will be destroyed, and the plasma pellet will shrink and become softer in size.


【Eighth Uniqueness of Women】 _Women

【Eighth Uniqueness of Women】 _Women

Women like to be subtle, sometimes sometimes overly depressed, and dare not express their voices, especially “sexual” voices. As a result, they are distorted into disfigured flames, and so on can make emotions or states. Men themselves are careless, oftenWill not go to understand these special unlovable “sex” numbers, as a result, deeper emotional rifts between each other, affecting the quality of marriage.

Therefore, you may want to leave your wife’s heart out, lest she be suspicious and suspicious. Usually, you face your intentions, and even think more about the “crooked” places, maybe the old problems will be solved, and the new problems will be saved.

Hint one: No open flame.

If the wife loses her temper somehow, the things are slamming, and the earth will “tremble three times” when sitting down, you have to take a look right away, how long hasn’t you “troubled” her, what is “satisfaction”, contentment isHappiness is peace of mind, but now she is unhappy and agitated, which means that you have alienated her body a bit, and her body is protesting, but she can’t control her.

Solution: Tonight, you need to appease her.

In ancient palaces, there were many battles and conspiracies. In fact, because there were too many women and the emperor was too busy to be alone, men were the best fire extinguishers for women.


[Who can’t drink Acanthopanax senticosus seeds]_food taboo_food taboo

[Who can’t drink Acanthopanax senticosus seeds]_food taboo_food taboo

Acanthopanax senticosus seeds is a food that has two-way regulation of nerve function, has hypnotic effect, improves sleep quality, reduces blood pressure, promotes vasodilation, and aids in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases.

It is for this reason that Acanthopanax senticosus seeds have been widely used in human life, but not everyone is suitable for drinking Acanthopanax senticosus seeds.

For example, some yin deficiency and fire prosperous people cannot eat Acanthopanax senticosus seeds.

Efficacy and effects of Acanthopanax senticosus seeds1. Dilate blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, resist platelet aggregation, maintain blood pressure stable, improve blood rheology and improve microcirculation.

2. Improve the hemorheology of hyperlipidemia and hyperviscosity.

3. Two-way regulation of nerve function excitement and inhibition; sedation, inhibition of spontaneous activity, hypnosis, anticonvulsant.

4, clinically has anti-fatigue and promotes male reproductive system health.

5. Treatment of depression, cerebral thrombosis, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and leukopenia.

Yiqi Jianpi, kidney and soothe the nerves.

6, used for spleen and kidney yang deficiency, weak body, loss of appetite, waist and knee pain, insomnia and more dreams.

7, has a significant effect on various types of neurasthenia, can increase sleep, have a good effect on improving palpitations, forgetfulness, fatigue and other symptoms and sexual neurasthenia.

8. It has the effect of replenishing and strengthening the foundation of senile tracheitis, which can alleviate the symptoms and increase the appetite, increase the physical strength and reduce the number of repetitions.

Contraindications of Acanthopanax senticosus seeds 1.

Avoid taking with greasy food.


Acanthopanax should be taken before meals.


Taboo crowd of Acanthopanax senticosus seeds 4.

Yin Huowang who take caution.

Acanthopanax senticosus, tonifying the kidney and strengthening the waist, nourishing Qi and soothe the nerves, promoting blood circulation.

It is used for weakness, kidney deficiency, insomnia, dreaminess, chest paralysis, wind cold dampness, and bruises.

Modern applications: whitening, cerebral infarction, hypotension, vasculitis, neurasthenia, angina pectoris, hyperlipidemia, Raynaud’s, ulcers, melasma.

Acanthopanax senticosus seeds have a good effect when directly soaked in water, but it is not suitable for long-term drinking.

Acanthopanax senticosus seed is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and it has many effects.

It is often used to treat depression, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, because it has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, and it can also be vasodilation, which can effectively prevent cardiovascular disease.

At the same time, Acanthopanax senticosus seeds can also inhibit the excitement of the brain and can set the calming and soothing effects, so it is also a hypnotic effect for patients with insomnia.

Especially insomnia, poor sleep quality, frequent sleep and more dreams can be used.

[Efficacy and role of saltpeter]_think_benefit

[Efficacy and role of saltpeter]_think_benefit

Saltpeter is not unfamiliar to those who like to paint. It is a substance that can use pigments. In addition, saltpeter has far-reaching effects and functions. Saltpeter can also be used to treat certain diseases of the body.In the treatment of low back pain, can also be used to relieve cataracts of the eyes, etc., of course, are external methods.

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

Effects: 1, headache.

Blow on the nose with saltpeter, that is, heal.

2, pericardial pain.

With saltpeter and realgar each for one dollar, study it carefully.

Every little bit is in the eye socket, that is, healed.

The party name is “Fire Dragon Dan”.

3. Back pain.

Fire Dragon Dan is also used.

4. Redness, swelling and pain.

Grind it with saltpeter, and take the indica of the oatmeal eyelets while lying down.

The next morning, the saline was washed off.

5. Eye and eye disorders.

Use saltpeter one or two, melt it in a copper vessel, add water to fly the lead halves, and slice the brain.


6, throat paralysis.

Use saltpeter for one or two halves, white sturgeon for one dollar, and borax for two or two. How about your brain?

7, Fushu diarrhea, blood under the bowel wind.

Use saltpeter, sulfur one or two each, white staff member, talc one half and two flour, four or two flours.

Thirty to fifty pills per serving.

Send off the water.

8, five kinds of gonorrhea (1, Lao Lin: fatigue fatigue, impaired urination, abdomen pain.

Second, blood leaching: I can’t urinate, just bleed, and the pain is urgent.

Third, hot shower: red and hot urine, acute pain under the umbilicus.

Fourth, Qi shower: the lower abdomen is full of anxiety, and there are often drops after urine.

Fifth, stone leaching: urine can not come out, only under the sand, abdominal pain).

Use one or two of the finest saltpeter, and study it carefully, two yuan per serving.

For the laborers, use the sunflower seeds decoction to send it down, and then take the Buxuan Pill.

The bloody and hot drenchers all sent cold water.

Those who are qi drunk, send it down with wooden Tong Jiantang.

For the stone drencher, send it with warm water, but first stir-fry the powdered medicine in a pot.

The name of this party is “Tongge San”.

Those who cannot urinate in general.

Can also be taken through Gegesan, wheat soup sent down.

9, the beginning of the back gall (chills, sores and rash on the back).

Use saltpeter three or two, soak in one liter of boiling water.

Soak the affected area with a thick towel soaked in water.Towels are cold.

10, female labor black paralysis (cold fever in the evening, urinary bladder, full abdomen, full body yellow, but black forehead, so called “black barrier”).

Use saltpeter, clerk stone (burned), divide equally, one teaspoon per serving, and send the barley juice.

Served three times a day.

After taking it, it turns yellow if you urinate.

Introduction: Saltpeter is also called flame saltpeter, potassium saltpeter and so on.

Colorless, white or gray crystal, with glass luster.

Can be used to formulate malachite green glaze.

Also features multicolored, pastel pigments.

One of the raw materials for making gunpowder.

White powder, easily soluble in water, releases oxygen when heated to 334 ° C.

Industry is used to make matches, pyrotechnic powder, black powder, glass raw materials and food preservatives.

Potassium nitrate can be directly obtained by mining and enrichment in Chile and other places.

[How to make egg noodle soup]_Egg noodle soup_How to make_How to make

[How to make egg noodle soup]_Egg noodle soup_How to make_How to make

Egg noodle soup is a kind of noodle soup made from eggs. It is also a kind of food that can nourish the spleen, stomach, and brain.

Many people like egg noodle soup, but not everyone makes egg noodle soup.

In fact, if the egg noodle soup is made well, it can be said to be a food with both nutrition and deliciousness.

Below, I will introduce the cooking method and nutritional value of egg noodle soup in detail for everyone!

First, how to make noodle soup ingredients: 400 grams of flour, 4 eggs, 200 grams of vegetables.

15 grams of sesame oil, 20 grams of soy sauce, 10 grams of refined salt, 3 grams of MSG.

Production: 1) Put the flour into the bowl, add the egg liquid, make the dough, knead and roll into thin slices, cut into small elephant eye pieces for use; choose spinach to clean and chop.

2) Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, boil on the fire, and then pour in the noodles. After cooking, add the spinach powder, soy sauce, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and drip into the sesame oil to serve.

Production key: This dough is made with eggs and noodles. If there are few eggs, add some water and mix thoroughly.

Roll the noodles thin, cut the slices small, and cook them.

Second, the efficacy and role of noodle soup 1, nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing the spleen and stomach is one of the important functions of the white noodle soup, because the main ingredient of the white noodle soup is flour, which is a powdery substance ground with wheat.It is cool in nature and can enter the heart and spleen meridians. After it is used to make white noodle soup, it is easier for the human body to absorb and use its nutritional ingredients, it can regulate the spleen and stomach, and it can also relieve spleen and stomach weakness and improve human digestive function.

2. Jiannao Yizhi Bainian Decoction is also a kind of health-preserving decoction, which is rich in trace elements phosphorus and zinc and selenium. It is also rich in vitamins and amino acids. Some people usually drink Bainian Tang more than others.The rapid absorption and utilization of nutrients can improve brain function, prevent memory loss, and promote intellectual development, making people more and more intelligent.

Third, the efficacy and role of eggs 1.

Brain-building puzzle: Eggs have a great effect on the nervous system and physical development, and the choline contained in them can improve the memory of all age groups.


Protect the liver: The protein in eggs can repair liver tissue damage, and the lecithin in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells.

It can also increase the amount of human plasma protein and enhance the body’s metabolic and immune functions.


Onset of arteriosclerosis: American nutritionists and medical workers used eggs to prevent atherosclerosis and achieved surprising results. They extracted lecithin from eggs, walnuts, and liver, and gave it to patients with cardiovascular disease every day.4?
6 tablespoons.

After 3 months, the patient’s serum and plasma decreased significantly, and satisfactory results were obtained.