[Efficacy and role of saltpeter]_think_benefit

[Efficacy and role of saltpeter]_think_benefit

Saltpeter is not unfamiliar to those who like to paint. It is a substance that can use pigments. In addition, saltpeter has far-reaching effects and functions. Saltpeter can also be used to treat certain diseases of the body.In the treatment of low back pain, can also be used to relieve cataracts of the eyes, etc., of course, are external methods.

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

Effects: 1, headache.

Blow on the nose with saltpeter, that is, heal.

2, pericardial pain.

With saltpeter and realgar each for one dollar, study it carefully.

Every little bit is in the eye socket, that is, healed.

The party name is “Fire Dragon Dan”.

3. Back pain.

Fire Dragon Dan is also used.

4. Redness, swelling and pain.

Grind it with saltpeter, and take the indica of the oatmeal eyelets while lying down.

The next morning, the saline was washed off.

5. Eye and eye disorders.

Use saltpeter one or two, melt it in a copper vessel, add water to fly the lead halves, and slice the brain.


6, throat paralysis.

Use saltpeter for one or two halves, white sturgeon for one dollar, and borax for two or two. How about your brain?

7, Fushu diarrhea, blood under the bowel wind.

Use saltpeter, sulfur one or two each, white staff member, talc one half and two flour, four or two flours.

Thirty to fifty pills per serving.

Send off the water.

8, five kinds of gonorrhea (1, Lao Lin: fatigue fatigue, impaired urination, abdomen pain.

Second, blood leaching: I can’t urinate, just bleed, and the pain is urgent.

Third, hot shower: red and hot urine, acute pain under the umbilicus.

Fourth, Qi shower: the lower abdomen is full of anxiety, and there are often drops after urine.

Fifth, stone leaching: urine can not come out, only under the sand, abdominal pain).

Use one or two of the finest saltpeter, and study it carefully, two yuan per serving.

For the laborers, use the sunflower seeds decoction to send it down, and then take the Buxuan Pill.

The bloody and hot drenchers all sent cold water.

Those who are qi drunk, send it down with wooden Tong Jiantang.

For the stone drencher, send it with warm water, but first stir-fry the powdered medicine in a pot.

The name of this party is “Tongge San”.

Those who cannot urinate in general.

Can also be taken through Gegesan, wheat soup sent down.

9, the beginning of the back gall (chills, sores and rash on the back).

Use saltpeter three or two, soak in one liter of boiling water.

Soak the affected area with a thick towel soaked in water.Towels are cold.

10, female labor black paralysis (cold fever in the evening, urinary bladder, full abdomen, full body yellow, but black forehead, so called “black barrier”).

Use saltpeter, clerk stone (burned), divide equally, one teaspoon per serving, and send the barley juice.

Served three times a day.

After taking it, it turns yellow if you urinate.

Introduction: Saltpeter is also called flame saltpeter, potassium saltpeter and so on.

Colorless, white or gray crystal, with glass luster.

Can be used to formulate malachite green glaze.

Also features multicolored, pastel pigments.

One of the raw materials for making gunpowder.

White powder, easily soluble in water, releases oxygen when heated to 334 ° C.

Industry is used to make matches, pyrotechnic powder, black powder, glass raw materials and food preservatives.

Potassium nitrate can be directly obtained by mining and enrichment in Chile and other places.

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