Nutritional dumplings should pay more attention to meat fillings

Nutritional dumplings should pay more attention to meat fillings

The vegetable juice loses vitamins, whether it is buns or dumplings. There are only a few common fillings, among which the animal source is pig, cow, lamb, egg and shrimp; the vegetable source is amaranth, cabbage, celery, fennel and carrot.Wait.

These raw materials have high nutritional value and are also beneficial to the nutritional balance.

But in reality, in order to make the fillings fragrant and delicious, the producers will always put more meat and less vegetables, avoiding the feeling of being too “wood”.

At the same time, when making vegetable raw materials, it is traditional to squeeze out the vegetable juice. In fact, this will cause serious loss of nutrients such as soluble vitamins and potassium.

  Following the principle of alkaline acid-base balance, “acidic” meat and white flour are properly balanced with “alkaline” vegetable ingredients.

For example, when making a filling, a piece of meat is paired with three unsqueezed vegetable ingredients to get a reasonable combination.

  The kelp fungus is best to make the filling soft and juicy, and the filling is often added with fat, animal oil, vegetable cream and so on.

The meat used for fillings is only 7 points thin, and the trace content usually exceeds 40%.

Even fillings made from low-fat fish and shrimps should be added with animal fats to improve the taste.

This will bring a lot of saturated traces and conversions, which is not conducive to the health of consumers.

  To achieve the true nutritional balance of stuffed foods, we must first start with raw materials, reduce the amount of fat and animal oil, and increase the amount of vegetables.

Add meat as much as possible to the fiber-filled vegetables, and add some foods that replace soluble fiber, such as mushrooms, fungus, white fungus and other mushrooms, as well as algae such as kelp and wakame.

They can improve the taste, help reduce the absorption of high blood pressure and diabetes, and control the rise of blood lipids after eating meat.

Bamboo shoots, dried vegetables, etc. also have an adsorption activity.

A variety of soy products and fish can also be stuffed into the filling, replacing some of the meat, which helps to reduce the trace content.

At the same time, it should be noted that when eating these stuffing foods, it is not advisable to eat high-level foods, but should be accompanied by refreshing cold vegetables.

  Fans should not be used as the main stuffing. The main stuffing of eggs and vegetables is more healthy. The oil is derived from vegetable oil and the proportion of vegetables is relatively large.

Due to the trace elements of phosphorus in the egg, green leafy vegetables of calcium, potassium and magnesium, as well as raw materials such as shrimp skin and seaweed are added to promote acid-base balance.

Pure starch materials such as fans have low nutritional value and are used as the main raw material for fillings.

In terms of cooking methods, vegetables are smashed, and the food with a small amount of meat has a high moisture content, which is easy to “scatter”. When cooking, the nutrient loss is large, and the taste is also poor. You can consider frying, steaming, etc.;The stuffed food is suitable for cooking, steaming, and using less cooking, frying and other cooking methods to avoid adding extra fat.

How to eat esophageal cancer patients? We recommend these five therapeutic prescriptions daily.

How to eat esophageal cancer patients? We recommend these five therapeutic prescriptions daily.

Early esophageal cancer can be asymptomatic due to superficial lesions, or occasional neurostimulation, often transient.

The frequency of onset of symptoms increases over time, which is manifested by swallowing sensation, swallowing pain, discomfort after sternal distension, foreign body sensation in the esophagus, pain in the upper jaw, and tightness in the throat.

The initial symptoms are mild and easily overlooked.

In terms of diet, how should patients with esophageal cancer eat?

Is there any good diet recommended?

For the patients with esophageal cancer, we recommend five therapeutic side 1, one bean, one pear, 50 beans and 30 grams of brown sugar.

Dig the pears to the core, fill the beans, seal them, and add the remaining beans to the bowl.

Steam in the cage for 1 hour, go to the net bean and serve, you can take it regularly, eat pear soup.

It has the effect of reducing throat and swelling.

2, perilla vinegar scattered perilla 30 grams, vinegar amount.

The basil is ground into 1500 ml of fine water, boiled and filtered to obtain juice.

Add the same amount of vinegar and cook.

3 times a day, 1 each time.

5 grams.

It has a sharp throat and a wide middle role.

Once patients with esophageal cancer have difficulty swallowing.

3, egg chrysanthemum soup egg 1, chrysanthemum 5 grams, simmer juice amount, vinegar some.

Egg liquid and chrysanthemum, oyster sauce, vinegar and mix thoroughly, steamed and cooked, ready to serve, once a day.

It can stop bleeding and promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Applicable to esophageal cancer cough aggravation, rejection of obvious spit.

4, Ejiao stew Ejiao 6 grams, 100 grams of lean pork, seasoning amount.

First add water to stew the pork, add to the gelatin after cooking, add seasoning Serve, 1 time a day.

With blood, blood circulation, nourishing yin, lung function.

It is suitable for patients with esophageal cancer such as bleeding, physical weakness and anemia.

5, melon cake to the fruit melon 250 grams, 100 grams of sugar, 800 grams of flour.

Use a small fire to simmer the melon and mix well to form a filling.

Flour dough, made into a pastry after filling, cooked or steamed, often taken.

It has heat-clearing and anti-cough effects.

Applicable to esophageal cancer cough and asthma.

The above diets are used as a reference. If you have any questions, please consult a professional doctor.

With red dates, simmering medicinal liquor, can you really maintain your health?

World Health Organization answers

With red dates, simmering medicinal liquor, can you really maintain your health?

World Health Organization answers

In life, some people do not want to stop drinking, but also want to make the body healthier, often take a way – drink medicinal liquor.

In the past, medicinal liquors often used a variety of whip, poison, and wild animals to soak, and through the improvement of the science and nutrition of nutritionists, we know that the effects of various kinds of whip can not be supplemented with kidneys.May still be poisonous.

Using wild animals to make wine is not considered a legitimate citizen.

So now, we are seeing more fruits and herbs, such as bayberry, hawthorn, pomegranate, medlar, ginseng and saffron.

So can you use them to make wine?

The dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class and everyone said: Fruit wine made from fruits such as bayberry and pomegranate, many middle-aged and old people like it, and many young people also have this mouth, because the sugar in the fruit dissolves into the wine, there will be oneSweet taste.

But everyone needs to know that when these fruits are soaked in wine, they will not produce any new nutrients, and the two will not promote each other.

The process of making fruit wine is, at best, a handling project, transporting the nutrients of the fruit into the wine, and not all of them can be transported in, and some will be lost.

So from a health point of view, it is better to eat the fruits directly. It is better to use them to make wine.

Precious herbs such as medlar and ginseng are the same as the fruits in front, although they often have the label “health care”.

But the process of making wine does not cause it to become healthier.

Medical or direct consumption according to the doctor’s advice may be a more sensible choice.

In addition, we must remind you that they often belong to the “food and food homologous” food, and the word “medicine food”, we should pay more attention to “medicine.”

In other words, we should treat them more as medicines. They should be used according to the standards of medicines. At the very least, we must know who is applicable, how much should be used, and under what circumstances.

In general, making wine with fruits and herbs does not cause drinking to become more healthy, but it will allow you to spend more time and money.

The nutritionist in the explosion nutrition class wants to tell everyone that if you want to use some kind of things to make wine for the purpose of health, this starting point is wrong.

Because the World Health Organization has already classified alcohol as a type 1 carcinogen, drinking alcohol is not a benefit, and it will not become healthy because you have added a little other ingredient.

The so-called “appropriate drinking is beneficial”, at first, it is said to people who need long-term drinking. The health goals they care about are not the same, and they are the second-best persuasion.

And the most effective way to be healthier is always to stop drinking.

Dear friends, have you soaked in medicinal wine?

Do you think this is a healthy and correct approach?

Share your life experience by leaving a message in the comments section below.

Uncover seven big fake health foods around you

Uncover seven big fake health foods around you

Uncovering 7 big fake health food protein sticks can be a snack.

Muffins A muffin contains more than 400 calories and a small amount of 15 grams, while most of the transfer sugar and refined flour.

It is best to use whole-wheat muffins made from bran, which is low in calories and low in calories.


Protein stick protein bars seem to be a very healthy snack substitute, in fact they contain twice the mascot and protein of a brownie chocolate.


Dried fruit 1/2 cup of dried fruit contains more than 100 calories.

Experts recommend eating fresh or frozen fruit rather than dried fruit.

Fruits can be microscopic, but transitions are low and more prone to satiety.


Artificial oils Artificial oils are rich in excessive trans fatty acids, which increase low-density lipoproteins in the body and lower high-density lipoproteins.

It will increase your risk of heart disease and try to choose raw milk instead.


Skim salad dressing If your blood pressure is high, it is best to stay away from salad dressing.

The high-salt and high-glucose metabolism of the heart creates a certain burden. On the contrary, the balsamic vinegar is mixed, and the lemon juice and sweetener are cast more healthily.


Peanut butter peanut butter is full of feces and sugar, while low-fat peanut butter contains at least 50% calcium carbonate.


Sushi doesn’t think that small sushi is excluded, and a simple sushi roll contains more than 500 calories.

Try to avoid choosing tempura, cream cheese, crushed cheese or spicy Mayo sauce.


Wine and western medicine turned into poisonous wine

Wine and western medicine turned into poisonous wine

Introduction: China’s wine culture has a long history and even has inextricably linked with our traditional medicine.

However, it is necessary to face up to the fact that people who are taking western medicine should never drink alcohol. Otherwise, wine and western medicine will only produce a “toxic wine” that is harmful to the human body.

  ”Grape wine wine luminous cup, want to drink immediately.

“China’s wine culture has a long-standing reputation, especially around the Spring Festival, it is a traditional drinking season “peak season”, working dinner, people’s exchanges, a family reunion needs wine to help.

However, it is necessary to remind you that for most western medicines, don’t drink alcohol before and after taking medicine. It is a beer with low alcohol content, fruit wine and nourishing medicinal liquor.

It can be said that alcohol and western medicine are a pair of “family”, and another narrow meeting will cause a lot of “things.”

  Alcohol + stability: coma and even death “I couldn’t sleep 30 years ago, I can’t sleep after 30 years.

According to statistics, high blood pressure insomnia patients up to tens of millions, especially many middle-aged office workers and the elderly are suffering from insomnia, have long-term use of sleeping pills to help sleep.

However, it is very dangerous for insomnia patients to take sedative sleeping pills such as diazepam and chloral hydrate after drinking alcohol!

Because alcohol and sleeping pills can produce strong brain neuroinhibition, patients are prone to coma or poisoning.

It is said that the comedy master Chaplin died of drinking hypnotics after drinking.

  Alcohol + hypoglycemic agents: Hypoglycemic shock should also pay special attention to people with diabetes. During the injection of insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs, if you drink on an empty stomach, hypoglycemia is prone to occur.

It is worth noting that this symptom of hypoglycemia is manifested as palpitation, sweating, fatigue, and even irritability, confusion, multi-lingual, often masked by drunkenness, and difficult to distinguish from drunkenness, so that even serious and persistent hypoglycemia occurs.And patients often feel unaware that eventually hypoglycemic shock occurs.

If left untreated, it may cause irreversible damage to the brain tissue and even cause death.

  Alcohol + Aspirin: Gastrointestinal bleeding occurs in many patients with hypertension and arthritis who need long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and aspirin or indomethacin.

These drugs are very irritating to the stomach and can easily cause bleeding in the body. If you drink alcohol while taking the medicine, the adverse reactions caused by the drug will be “added to the tiger” and may cause massive bleeding of the digestive tract.

Patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers, as well as those with coagulopathy, are particularly prone to such serious complications.

It is worth mentioning that some people who are healthy and healthy will have serious headaches after drinking alcohol. If they still claim to take painkillers, it is also easy to cause anesthesia bleeding.

  Alcohol + antihypertensive drugs: severe hypotension Some hypertensive patients have such experience: after drinking alcohol, the blood pressure is measured in the morning, it is found that the blood pressure control is particularly “good”, and then there will be blood pressure “rebound”, significantly higherThe usual blood pressure level.

It turns out that alcohol can dilate blood vessels, thereby enhancing the antihypertensive effect of drugs. Therefore, if you take antihypertensive drugs after drinking alcohol, it is easy to have hypotensive reaction, and if it is serious, it may even cause sudden death.

Patients with nephritis, severe hypertension, coronary heart disease, and myocardial infarction are particularly prone to such crises and accidents.

Moreover, the sudden drop in blood pressure can easily lead to excessive blood pressure fluctuations, and a “rebound phenomenon” is not conducive to smooth control of the disease.

  Alcohol + anticancer drugs: Accelerating cancer metastasis Cancer patients taking anticancer drugs must also stop drinking, because even a small amount of alcohol can completely replace the drug to kill toxins, and it is easy to cause metastasis and spread in the body.Ultimately, the lifespan of cancer patients will be greatly shortened.

Moreover, most of the chemotherapeutic drugs have hepatotoxicity, and cause dialysis reaction such as rejection of vomiting and nausea, and alcohol has become an “oxidation effect” for these adverse reactions.

  Alcohol + Antibiotics: Severe Alcoholism When taking antibiotics and drinking alcohol, it is tantamount to self-made bitter fruit.

Xinhua News Agency reported such a lively case: Before the Spring Festival, Dai Mou of Guangxi Beihai suffered from a cold, took a few days of cold medicine and “Pioneer No. 6”. Before the dinner, he was afraid that sneezing would affect everyone’s emotions.After eating two “Pioneer No. 6”, and then picking up the wine to drink, less than two or two white wine, he immediately felt the heartbeat accelerated, breathing difficulties, the family rushed to the hospital to rescue.

The original “Pioneer 6” is a cephalosporin antibiotic. This drug component inhibits the metabolism of alcohol in the human body, causing alcohol to accumulate in the body, damaging the liver, kidneys and heart and other organisms, causing the body’s toxic reactions, even a small amount of alcohol andMixtures of these drugs can also cause poisoning, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, and even difficulty breathing.

  In addition, when taking chlorpromazine, perphenazine and other drugs, patients with mental illness can abruptly aggravate the disease or cause serious brain lesions and even die suddenly if they drink a lot.

  Xiao Bian reminds you: Therefore, some people say that alcohol is a catalyst for the toxicity of Western medicine, and it does make sense.

For patients who are in poor physical condition and are in the medication phase, they should not drink alcohol under any circumstances.

Otherwise, it will be a cup of brewed “bitter wine.”

The five main points of mental health of the elderly

The five main points of mental health of the elderly

Guide: The five main points of the mental health of the elderly, the elderly have entered the final stage of life, the body’s various health indicators are slowly decreasing at the same time, so the health care of the elderly is the top priority, in order to letThe elderly are old and healthy, and a healthy body is essential.

  In the health of the elderly, it is also very important to ensure mental health. The following are some important points for the elderly about mental health: the first point, understanding interpersonal relationships and psychological exchanges.

The elderly should pay attention not only to contact old friends, but also to make new friends. They should always chat with friends, exchange ideas and feelings, be considerate and considerate in life, communicate with each other in thoughts, and learn from each other in collective activities and interpersonal relationships.Take advantage of the nutrition of life, make your mood comfortable and enjoy your life.

  The second point is to maintain an optimistic spirit and cultivate a healthy mind.

The elderly should be full of confidence in life, try to be temperamental, open-minded, emotionally optimistic, and strive to use their advantages in knowledge, experience, skills, intelligence and specialty to find new life fun.

  The third point is to be good at energy-saving troubles and keep your heart and mind.

In the face of troubles in life, you don’t have to be upset, not to be depressed, but to release bad emotions in a timely manner through various channels.

Be good at detachment from the fame and fortune of the outside world. Do not overwork the chores and keep yourself in a good mood.

  The fourth point is to pay attention to diet and nutrition and strengthen physical exercise.

A person with a healthy body is more able to guarantee mental health.

Older people usually need to eat more high-quality protein, eat more vitamins, low-fat foods, such as lean meat, milk, eggs, soy products and lotus seeds, longan and so on.

  Older people should also choose comfortable sports, such as walking, jogging, punching, doing exercises, etc., the strength is comfortable.

  The fifth point is to expand the living space of diversity.

According to physical conditions and hobbies, the elderly arrange their life content, such as practicing calligraphy, painting, planting flowers, raising birds, reading newspapers, watching TV dramas, etc.

This will not only stretch the mind, but also cherish the time, learn new knowledge, and make life easier.

Want to lose weight must change 7 bad habits

Want to lose weight must change 7 bad habits

If you have these habits, you can’t lose weight and you can’t lose weight.

Hurry and change it, otherwise I would like to get rid of the big hat of the fat man.


Love fried food fried chicken, French fries, or salted chicken, tempura in Japanese cuisine, etc., all wrapped in a thick layer of fried batter, which adds a lot of taste, but absorbs too muchgrease.

I accidentally ate the amount of oil needed for the day.


There are many foods outside, and there is no fixed amount. It is recommended to set aside meals at a different diet. Because it is a good serving, such as: squid rice, pork ribs rice, is a main course plus some vegetables or side dishes, eggs, rice, soup.The fixed amount can restrain the food intake.


The salad dressing used in the salad salad with lettuce salad is made from salad oil and egg. The oil and fat contained in Dublin are higher than the vegetables you use in oil.

Therefore, people who use lettuce salad to lose weight are more careful to reduce fat.


Eat foods that are heavy in seasonings and try to eat lighter foods, because adding too much spiced food is more likely to stimulate appetite, and I have eaten several bowls of rice without even knowing it.


Love to drink canned sugar-smelling beverages, aluminum-packed beverages are best to drink less, even juice or oolong tea, coffee, even sports drinks, etc., also add supplemental sugar.

The safest and healthiest way is to drink mineral water or boiled water.

And drinking more water can also help adults burn!


Eat one full meal at a time and eat only eight minutes full, remind yourself that “enough, you will have to eat fruit later”, not only can replace the burden of the stomach, and the shortened belly will shrink in less than a few weeks.

Using small cutlery can be an effective way to reduce your food intake.


Love to eat high-energy food is actually more straightforward. It is not to eat late at night, because at night, the parasympathetic activity of the human body changes into creeping slowness, accelerating the synthesis of adults, that is, the food eaten before going to bed at night.Almost all will be converted into hoarding in the body.

The best way is to cancel eating before 3 hours before bedtime.

What are the similarities and differences between qigong and yoga, meditation _1

What are the similarities and differences between Qigong and Yoga?

Although there is no “qigong” equivalent to the original meaning in Buddhism, in terms of modern qigong, objective qigong and meditation contain similar qigong content.

  Yoga is the transliteration of Sanskrit YOGA. In the Buddhist scriptures, the Chinese translation is “corresponding”, which means controlling your body to correspond to something (consistent, consistent).

Yoga is a collective term for the ancient Indian religions to self-modulate to exercise, and Buddhism also refers to its meditation as yoga.

The meditation is called a yoga practitioner, or a yoga teacher.

The practice methods of Buddhism Tantrics are more named after yoga.

In India, various training methods are still collectively referred to as yoga, but with some changes, there are many spiritual connotations and exercise postures.

Absolutely, because of its physiological characteristics, it has been recognized in the world, especially in Europe and America.

  Meditation refers to the practice of meditation.

Zen is the abbreviation of Sanskrit “Dan” (DHYANA), Chinese translation “contemplation”, “thinking maintenance”, refers to thinking in a quiet state of mind.

It is a free translation of Sanskrit Sanya (SAMADHI), which refers to all the calm and dizzy moods.

The meditation is a general term for all kinds of yoga in Buddhism.

It should be pointed out that Zen’s “clear mind” Kung Fu is also called “Zen” and has its special meaning.

Meditation is a method of practice in Buddhism. It means putting down all the fandoms and distractions in a quiet environment and normal life, focusing on the spirit and carrying out constant practice.

  Qigong and yoga, meditation have a lot in common, for example, this is a self-practical method, which requires a combination of tuning, pacing, and tempering to achieve a state of calm and spirit.And to gain a variety of opportunities in wisdom, you can completely criticize fitness, cultivate morality, cultivate temperament, and use it as a new way for people to understand their own life movements.

Although there is a lot of consistency between them, in general, qigong and yoga, meditation and so on are still qualitatively different.

The purpose of Qigong research is to be based on real life at all stages so that human beings can get real benefits.

The purpose of Qigong exercise is generally to cure the disease, maintain the health and puzzle, and cultivate the temperament.

Buddhists practice yoga, and the purpose of meditation is to gain great wisdom and serious troubles.

Because of disease prevention, fitness is just a by-product obtained during the course of training.

At the same time, the two ambitions are different from the “view”. Qigong is mostly for certain aspects that are good for health, while yoga and meditation are all subject to certain religious content, such as chanting Buddha.

In the eyes of Buddhists, a person spends a lot of time practicing qigong for the treatment of illness and fitness. I don’t know if the Buddha’s family stopped watching life and death, and it is “taking gold bars as straw”.

It can be seen that people practicing Qigong and Buddhist meditation do not seem to have much difference in appearance and method, but their subjective beliefs are qualitatively different.

Green food, health medicated diet, here is a paradise for foodies?

Green food, health medicated diet, here is a paradise for foodies?

Weinan Minnan is the only region in Gansu Province that belongs to the Yangtze River system and has a subtropical climate. It is known as “Shangshang Jiangnan”.

There are many kinds of biological resources in South China, and the light and heat are redundant. It provides unique conditions for the proliferation of various animals and plants. The city has a land area of 175,836,000 mu, and there are more than 1,300 species of natural trees, including 51 species of precious trees.There are more than 100 kinds of edible fungi and wild vegetables such as white fungus, fungus, shiitake mushroom, Hericium erinaceus, Osmunda, and Bracken.

Wulongwutou, also known as the wood faucet, is covered with small thorns. It is a medicine produced in the mountainous area of southern Anhui Province.

The sauerkraut can be eaten fresh or dried, and it can be marinated in vinegar to make sour (salty) vegetables.

It is delicious, sweet and mellow, and has a rich game. It is a famous mountain wild vegetable and is known as the “king of mountain vegetables”.

The roots and stems of Wulong can be used as medicine. Its taste is bitter and flat, and it has the effects of strengthening the stomach and promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

Morel is a kind of precious edible fungus. It is named after the uneven surface of the cap, and is named as the lamb belly. It is the most famous delicious fungus in the ascomycetes.7 kinds of essential amino acids, such as lysine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and proline, are cold and non-toxic, beneficial to the stomach, and have phlegm and qi effects.

Ginkgo biloba fruit ginkgo fruit, commonly known as raw ginkgo, contains a variety of nutrients, in addition to starch, protein, bismuth, sugar, but also contains vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesiumAnd other trace elements, as well as ginkgolic acid, ginkgo phenol, penta-carbon dimethyl, and stearyl alcohol.

Ginkgo biloba is not only edible, but also has medical and health effects, and has high economic value and medicinal value.

Ginkgo biloba in Huixian County was selected into the Catalogue of the National Famous and New Agricultural Products of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2017.

Ginkgo biloba in Huixian County was selected into the Catalogue of the National Famous and New Agricultural Products of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2017.

Pepper bud bud is the young bud of pepper tree germination. It is bright and green, and has a beautiful scent. It is a treasure in sprouts.

South is a place full of pepper, and pepper buds become a food for some people.

Pepper buds can be fried hot, cold, shabu-shabu, fragrant and pleasant, appetizing and refreshing, with unique flavor and rich nutrition.

Walnut flower walnut flower, that is, walnut flower, also known as walnut walnut, longevity vegetable, asparagus, rich in phospholipids, is beneficial to enhance the vitality of human cells, promote human hematopoietic function, can effectively reduce blood lipids, hypertension, prevent arteriosclerosis.

It is made from wild fresh, tender and tender, and removes the mustard flower. The color of the natural green walnut flower stems is used as raw material, and the color is cool, fragrant and tasteful.

Olive vegetables, olive oil, precious nutrients in olive oil and a variety of vitamins and essential calcium, iodine, also contains iron, zinc, magnesium and other trace elements.

Squatting taste, tongue and intestines, chewing, fragrant cheeks, do not have the charm of “stepping flowers back to the horseshoe incense”; eating appetizer digestion, help digestion, increase appetite.

Poor liver, body 3 performance is a portrayal, master 3 ways, liver protection

Poor liver, body 3 performance is a portrayal, master 3 ways, liver protection

The modern rhythm of life is actually a kind of “experience” for the body. This is also the reason why many people have health problems and people are increasingly pursuing health.

However, many health care is still too Buddhist, so that while doing things that are harmful to the body, they are “repairing the sheep”. As everyone knows, this is only a “compensation” effect.

Like the liver problem, many people are suffering from the liver in the day and night, and in the case of “the liver is not good, the face is prophet”, while applying the mask at night, they think that it will not cause harm to the liver.

Qi Qi said that the fifth season is getting hotter and hotter. Some of the debates and debates are about staying up late. What makes my most sound engineer profound is to take things that make you happy in the morning and night, and get together with happiness and health.What about music?

It is conceivable that staying up late to be a night is a universally known truth.

So, stay up late to hurt the liver?

There are three kinds of manifestations on the body, which is a sign of liver problems!

Performance one, a bite, why stinks in the stench?

Is it eating stinky tofu?


Actually not, but because of the liver.

The liver plays the “detoxification” in the body. Once the liver is damaged, the detoxification and detoxification ability is reduced, resulting in a strong toxin in the body. Once it exceeds the body’s tolerable dose, it will pass a variety of “detoxification”. The most common stool is bad breath and body odor.
Especially in the early morning, the liver after a whole night of self-cultivation and detoxification and detoxification, and in the case of liver problems, it is easy to appear liver qi stagnation, biliary ups, liver fire, etc., light dry mouthThe heavy one is a bite, stinking.

Many people say that if it is not after brushing, is it caused by the liver?

Actually not, this is a normal phenomenon.

What is not normal is that whether it is brushing or gargle, it can’t cover its stench.

Therefore, in this case, pay more attention.

Performance 2: Touch nails, bumps and bumps When you see here, you can observe your own hands and compare them.

If the nail color is pink and transparent, the surface is smooth, and the liver is bloody.

On the other hand, if the following situation occurs, it is necessary to pay more attention to it. It is not a manicure to cover up the liver.

The nails are fragile and fragile.

The nails are white and bloodless.

A horizontal line appears on the surface of the nail, either horizontally or vertically.

These three manifestations are liver dysfunction, liver blood deficiency, the liver can not nourish the fingers, the so-called “hepatic main tendons.”

In addition, if the nail is yellowed, it is not just a problem of liver blood deficiency, which is a serious manifestation of liver injury.

Performance 3, look in the mirror, eyes are different When you look in the mirror and find that your eyes are different, you should not take it lightly.

If you use your eyes for a long time, you may have dry eyes, fatigue, etc., which is actually a sign of liver damage.

In addition, the eyes are covered with bloodshot eyes, and when the whole eye is red and the liver is burning, the liver fire is reversed, causing inflammation of the eyes.

Eyes love tears, itching, fear of dysfunction of light and liver, lack of liver gas, lack of liver yin, eyes can not get nutrients.

Scleral yellow liver damage, excessive secretion of bile, bilirubin and other decomposition of blood, through the blood circulation, resulting in yellowing of the sclera, and even yellowing of the body.

How to save the day and night?

Mastering 3 methods, liver protection and liver treatment method 1: Eat more a day, eat more green food “liver green” is certified by Chinese medicine. According to the theory of five elements, five colors correspond to five internal organs, of which green corresponds to liver.

Then, in order to please the liver, you should eat more green food, some broccoli, spinach, green orange, lime and so on.

Eat more can clear the liver gas, strengthen the liver detoxification and detoxification ability, eliminate fatigue, promote liver metabolism, and thus help the liver and protect the liver.

2, eat more dairy products, why adults will give children a lot of dairy products, because it is nutritious, it is.

From the doctor’s point of view, dairy products leave a large amount of protein, which can meet the needs of the liver to run raw materials, effectively activate liver cells and strengthen liver function.

In addition, drinking more dairy products can also effectively promote gastrointestinal function, promote excretion, and reduce the burden of liver detoxification and detoxification.

3, more vitamin A supplements We know that different vitamins have different effects on the liver. For the problems caused by the above liver, it is better to use vitamin A.Vitamin A can effectively regulate liver problems and prevent liver cell damage.

In addition to the vitamin A tablets recommended by doctors, you should also eat more vitamin A foods, such as carrots, in your life.

Method 2: Drink enough 2 every day.

5 liters of water “eyes are sore, long acne, old fart, snoring ~~~~” “Drinking more water” Is this dialogue like your conversation?

Many people say that no matter what you say, boys will always go to “drinking water”. This is no emotional intelligence, no fun performance.

In fact, it is not obvious that drinking water has been a way of health since ancient times.

In the morning, a cup of boiled water, a lot of people who rushed to the liver and rushed to get up early, did not have time to eat, how can I still have time to drink a glass of water?

Drinking a cup of water can’t take you for 5 minutes, but it can avoid serious water shortage, wake up function, relieve constipation, and promote liver detoxification and detoxification.

However, drinking water early is still very particular. For example, the water temperature is controlled at 30?
Between 40 degrees, the speed of drinking water is slow to wait.

Therefore, a cup of water in the morning can also be used to administer liver poison, which is beneficial to the liver and harmless.

In the afternoon, a cup of liver tea, noodles to regulate liver function and liver, including fresh fruits, vegetables, etc., but today introduced to you is a drink.

We all know that drinking more water is a “clean” presence for the liver, which can greatly increase the number of urination and urine output, and promote the body to automatically excrete harmful substances, toxins, etc., to avoid liver fatigue.

Then, drink plenty of water, drink dandelion tea, it has the functions of nourishing liver and detoxification, promoting metabolism, repairing liver cells and so on.

These effects and the nutrients contained in the dandelion tea are mainly six kinds, namely dandelion, pueraria, bitter, roselle, chicory, and Rhizoma Imperatae.

All of them are homologous flowers and plants of medicine and food, which have high safety and no reverse in long-term continuous.

Method 3: Sleeping on time for 24 hours a day, sleeping will take up 1/3, it can be seen that sleeping is a big event in life.

However, now day and night become more and more common, and it is not 24 hours to feel that day and night.

However, the damage of day and night is there. For the liver, it is deprived of liver repair time.

We all know that “the person is lying on the liver,” and the person lying in the liver can work normally.

Therefore, to ensure adequate sleep time, some eight hours and so on.

It can promote the amount of blood flowing to the liver, improve liver detoxification and detoxification ability, strengthen liver function, stimulate liver cells, and consolidate liver self-defense ability.

In addition to satisfying 8 hours of sleep time, it is necessary to go to bed early and get up early to have the effect of sleeping and nourishing the liver.

In addition, a nap is also necessary.

After a morning job, the human body is in a state of fatigue, and the nap is gradually getting better and recharged.

In addition, the liver can also be buffered to avoid excessive fatigue.

However, the nap is not long, the experts pointed out that the nap time is controlled at 10?
30 minutes, the best!